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Margier Jennifer

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Current position :

-  PhD Student, Doctoral School of Economics & Management, University of Lyon 1

  • PhD Title : Eliciting healthcare users’ preferences for home care versus hospital care in cancer : development of a decision aid integrating a contingent valuation survey
  • Supervisor : Nora Moumjid, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Co-supervisor : Marie-Claire Villeval, PhD, Research Professor

-  Health economist, Grenoble University Hospital

Fields of interest :
-  Health technology assessment
-  Healthcare consumers’ preferences
-  Decision aids

Publications :
-  Margier J, Tchouda SD, Banihachemi J-J, Bosson J-L, Plaweski S. (2014) Computer-assisted navigation in ACL reconstruction is attractive but not yet cost efficient. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc.

-  Zarski JP, Sturm N, Guechot J, Zafrani ES, Vaubourdolle M, Thoret S, Margier J, David-Tchouda S, Bosson JL. (2013) Contribution of the ELFG test in algorithms of non-invasive markers towards the diagnosis of significant fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C. PLoS One. 2013 ;8(3):e59088. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059088.

Teaching activities in health economics :
-  Economic Evaluation of healthcare programs, Master of Sciences “Health and Drugs Engineering”Joseph Fourrier University, Grenoble.

-  Supply and Demand in Health Master of Sciences “Quantitative Economics”, Lumière Lyon 2 University, Lyon.

-  French Healthcare System, Faculty of Pharmacy 4th year, Joseph Fourrier Univeristy, Grenoble.

-  Cost-effectivness analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, Claude Bernard University, Lyon 1.

Oral presentations
-  Buthion V, Margier J, Moumjid N. Local medical management versus centralized technical support in cancer : for an organizational and patients’ preferences analysis. Marseille, SIRIC Symposium, September 2014.

-  Buthion V, Margier J, Moumjid N. Chronical cancer treatment and healthcare configuration : a qualitative investigation. Qualitative Cancer Research : Taking Stock, Stepping Further, Berlin School of Public Health, Berlin, 28-29 April 2014.