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Exbrayat Nelly

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Associate professor of economics, Jean Monnet University

E-mail :

Ph : +33 (0)4 77 42 19 69

Curriculum Vitae

Research fields :

  • Economic geography
  • Fiscal policy
  • Environmental economics

Publications :

Refereed articles :

  • Exbrayat N., Madiès T and S. Riou. "A simple model of corporate bailouts in a globalized economy", The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.
  • Exbrayat N. (2017) "Does trade liberalization trigger tax competition ? Theory and evidence from OECD countries", The World Economy, 40(1), 88–115.
  • Exbrayat N. and B. Geys (2016). “Economic integration, Corporate Tax Incidence and Fiscal Compensation”, The World Economy, 39(11), 1792-1811.
  • Exbrayat N. and B. Geys (2014) “Trade integration and business tax differentials : Evidence from OECD countries”, International Tax and Public Finance, 21(2), 298-323.
  • Exbrayat N. (2013) “Corporate tax differentials in a multi-country world with imperfectly integrated economies”, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 33 No. 2 pp. 1374-1382.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2013) “Taxe carbone globale, effet taille de marché et mobilité des firmes”, Revue Economique, 64(2), 97-110.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2012) “The effects of labor unions on international capital tax competition”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 45(4), 1480-1503.
  • Exbrayat N., Madiès T. et S. Riou (2010) “International tax competition : do public good spillovers matter ?”, International Tax and Public Finance 17(5), 479-500.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2009). “Trade integration and the destination of subsidies”, Louvain Economic Review 75(4), 407-423.
  • Cassette A. et N. Exbrayat (2009). “De la nature des interactions fiscales au sein de l’Union Européenne”. Région et Développement 30(2), 119-140.

Book Review :

  • Exbrayat N., (2013) “A review of : Geography of Growth : Spatial Economics and Competitiveness” by Nallari, Raj, Breda Griffith, and Shahid Yusuf, Journal of Regional Science, 53(1), 215-217, 2013.

Working papers / Work in progress

  • “Global carbon tax, heterogeneous technologies and home market effect”, joint work with Stéphane Riou (GATE-LSE) and Skerdilajda Zanaj (CREA, University of Luxembourg). CREA Discussion Paper 2015-17
  • “City size and Crime : Empirical Evidence from Ecuador”, with A. Aguirre-Sanchez (GATE-LSE, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales). Work in progress