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Exbrayat Nelly

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Associate professor of economics, Jean Monnet University

E-mail :

Ph : +33 (0)4 77 42 19 69

Curriculum Vitae

Research fields :

  • Economic geography
  • Fiscal policy
  • Environmental economics

Publications :

Refereed articles :

  • Exbrayat N. (2017) "Does trade liberalization trigger tax competition ? Theory and evidence from OECD countries", The World Economy, 40(1), 88–115.
  • Exbrayat N. and B. Geys (2016). “Economic integration, Corporate Tax Incidence and Fiscal Compensation”, The World Economy, 39(11), 1792-1811.
  • Exbrayat N. and B. Geys (2014) “Trade integration and business tax differentials : Evidence from OECD countries”, International Tax and Public Finance, 21(2), 298-323.
  • Exbrayat N. (2013) “Corporate tax differentials in a multi-country world with imperfectly integrated economies”, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 33 No. 2 pp. 1374-1382.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2013) “Taxe carbone globale, effet taille de marché et mobilité des firmes”, Revue Economique, 64(2), 97-110.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2012) “The effects of labor unions on international capital tax competition”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 45(4), 1480-1503.
  • Exbrayat N., Madiès T. et S. Riou (2010) “International tax competition : do public good spillovers matter ?”, International Tax and Public Finance 17(5), 479-500.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C. et S. Riou (2009). “Trade integration and the destination of subsidies”, Louvain Economic Review 75(4), 407-423.
  • Cassette A. et N. Exbrayat (2009). “De la nature des interactions fiscales au sein de l’Union Européenne”. Région et Développement 30(2), 119-140.

Book Review :

  • Exbrayat N., (2013) “A review of : Geography of Growth : Spatial Economics and Competitiveness” by Nallari, Raj, Breda Griffith, and Shahid Yusuf, Journal of Regional Science, 53(1), 215-217, 2013.

Non-refereed articles :

  • “Jenseits des Steuerwettbewerbs : Wie Regierungen Staatseinnahmen sichern können”. WZB Mitteilungen, 2010, n°127, 46-48. [PDF]
  • “Taxe carbone globale et géographie économique”. Bulletin du CERDI, été 2011. [PDF]

Working papers / Work in progress

  • “Global carbon tax, heterogeneous technologies and home market effect”, joint work with Stéphane Riou (GATE-LSE) and Skerdilajda Zanaj (CREA, University of Luxembourg). CREA Discussion Paper 2015-17
  • “Bailouts in a globalized economy”, joint work with Stéphane Riou (GATE-LSE) and Thierry Madiès (University of Fribourg). Mimeo
  • “City size and Crime : Empirical Evidence from Ecuador”, with A. Aguirre-Sanchez (GATE-LSE, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales). Work in progress
  • “An economic analysis of the determinants of European rescue and restructuring State Aids”, joint work with Caroline Buts (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels) and Benny Geys (Norwegian Business School BI, Oslo). Work in progress