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Paty Sonia

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Professor of Economics / Professeur des universités
Université Lumière Lyon 2

Director of GATE Lyon St Etienne (UMR 5824)/Directrice du GATE LSE

Contact : or

Tel (GATE) : +33 (0)4 72 86 60 80

Research Interests

Public economics, taxation, local governments, applied spatial econometrics

Selected Publications

  • Local government cooperation at work : A control function approach, with E. Di Porto, A. Parenti and Z. Abidi, Journal of Economic Geography, 17(2), 435–463, 2017.
  • Does fiscal cooperation increase local tax rates in urban areas ?, with S. Charlot and V. Piguet, Regional Studies, 49(10), 1706-1721, 2015.
  • Strategic interactions in public R&D across EU-15 countries : A spatial econometric analysis, with H. Hammadou and M. Savona, Research Policy, 43 (7), 1217-1226, 2014.
  • The impact of inter-municipal cooperation on local public spending, with Q. Frère and M. Leprince, Urban Studies, 51(8), 1741-1760, 2014.
  • Governments under influence : Country interactions in discretionary fiscal policy, with A. Cassette, J. Creel and E. Farvaque, Economic modelling, 30, 79-89, 2013.
  • Assessing the impact of local taxation on property prices : A spatial matching contribution, with S. Charlot and M. Visalli, Applied Economics, 45(9), 1151-1166, 2013.
  • Range of local public services and population size : Is there a “zoo effect” in French jurisdictions ?, with Q. Frère and H. Hammadou, Louvain Economic Review, 77(2-3), 87-104, 2011.
  • Tax interactions among Belgian municipalities : Does interregional differences matter ?, with M. Gérard and H. Jayet, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 40(5), 336-342 , 2010.
  • The French local tax setting : Do agglomeration forces matter ?, with S. Charlot, Urban Studies, 47, 5, 1099-1116, 2010.
  • Fiscal Decentralization and the Size of Government : A European Country Empirical Analysis, with A. Cassette, Public Choice, 143, 173-189, 2010.
  • Yardstick competition among French cities : Which neighbours matter ? with E. Dubois, Annals of Regional Science, 44(3), 433 – 452, 2010.
  • Tax competition among Eastern and Western Europe : With whom do countries compete ? with A. Cassette, Economic Systems, 32, 307-325, 2008.
  • Public spending interactions and local politics : Empirical evidence from French municipalities, with M. Foucault and T. Madiès, Public Choice, 137(1), 57-80, 2008.
  • Market access effect and local tax setting : Evidence from a French panel data, with S. Charlot, Journal of Economic Geography, 7(3), 247-263, 2007.
  • Business tax interactions among local governments : An empirical analysis of the French case, with M. Leprince and T. Madiès, Journal of Regional Science, 47(3), 603-621, 2007.
  • The effects of politics on local tax setting : Evidence from France, with E. Dubois and M. Leprince, Urban Studies, 44(8), 1603-1618, 2007.
  • Capital indivisibility and fiscal competition : Are there too many enterprise zones when some of them are empty ?, with H. Jayet, Journal of Urban Economics, 60, 399-417, 2006.

Working papers and ongoing papers

  • Cooperation among local governments to deliver public services, with E. Di Porto, in revision in Politics and policy.
  • Fiscal cooperation and firm performance, with E. Di Porto and G. Santoni
  • Local taxation and tax base mobility : Evidence from a business tax reform in France, with T. Ly
  • From competition to cooperation : On the spatial effects of a local business tax policy reform in France, with S. Charlot and S. Riou


  • Economie publique locale, Economica, forthcoming.
  • Economie de la démocratie, with E. Farvaque, De Boeck, 2009.


  • Local public economics
  • Public economics
  • Spatial economics
  • Public finance
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