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Jelovac Izabela

  • First-class researcher at CNRS
  • Ph.D. from Autonomous University of Barcelona (1998)
  • Contact : izabela.jelovac [at]

Research Interests

  • Health economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Incentives and contract theory

Recent publications

  • I. Jelovac, P. Polomé (2017). Incentives to patients versus incentives to health care providers : The users’ perspective. Health Economics, forthcoming.
  • N. Houy, I. Jelovac (2015). Drug launch timing and international reference pricing. Health Economics 24(8), 978-989.
  • I. Jelovac (2015). Physicians’ balance billing, supplemental insurance and access to health care. International Journal of Health Economics and Management 15 (2), 269-280 (formerly International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics).
  • I. Jelovac, F. Vandeninden (2014). How should donors give foreign aid ? A theoretical comparison of aid modalities. European Journal of Development Research 26, 886-904.
  • M. Allard, I. Jelovac, P.T. Léger (2014). Payment mechanism and GP self-selection : Capitation versus fee for service. International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics 14(2), 143-160.
  • I. Jelovac (2014). Primary Care, Gatekeeping, and Incentives. In : Anthony J. Culyer (ed.), Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Vol 3. San Diego : Elsevier. pp. 142-145.
  • M. Allard, I. Jelovac, P.T. Léger (2011). Treatment and referral decisions under different physician payment mechanisms. Journal of Health Economics 30(5), 880-893.
  • B. Garcia-Mariñoso, I. Jelovac, P. Olivella (2011). External referencing and pharmaceutical price negotiation. Health Economics 20(6), 737-756.

Working Papers