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Workshop "Emotions, stress, and incentives" le 23 mai 2019 - Ecully -

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Workshop "Emotions, stress and incentives" - 23 mai 2019 - GATE Ecully

The goal of the workshop is to bring together theoretical, empirical and experimental research on psychological, psychophysiological and neurological foundations of economic decision-making, with a particular focus on emotions and stress and their behavioral consequences.

Organisateurs : Brice Corgnet, Chrisa Gresset, Adam Zylbersztejn.

Sponsors: IXXI ENS de Lyon, LabEx CORTEX, INDEPTH IDEXLyon

Intervenants: Giorgio Coricelli (USC), Thomas Dohmen (U of Bonn), Nikos Georgantzis (BSB Dijon), Charles Noussair (U of Arizona), Ernesto Reuben (NYUAD), Christiane Schwieren (U of Heidelberg).

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