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Simula Laurent

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Personal webpage

You may download my CV there.


My main research interests are in public finance, with a special focus on redistributive policies, accounting for tax-driven mobility.

Selected Publications

“Marginal Deadweight Loss when the Income Tax is Nonlinear” (with S. Blomquist), Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

“Tax me if you can ! Optimal income tax between competing governments” (with E. Lehmann and A. Trannoy), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(4) : 1995-2030.

“Shall we keep highly skilled at home ? The optimal income tax perspective” (with A. Trannoy), Social Choice and Welfare, 39(4) : 751-782.

“Optimal nonlinear income tax and nonlinear pricing : optimality conditions and comparative static properties”, Social Choice and Welfare, 35(20) : 199-220.

“Optimal income tax under the threat if migration by top-income earners” (with A. Trannoy), Journal of Public Economics, 94(1-2) : 163-173.

“When Kolm Meets Mirrlees : ELIE” (avec A. Trannoy), in Social Ethics et Normative Economics, edité par M. Fleurbaey, M. Salle et J. Weymark, Springer Verlag, 207-231.

“An Exploration in Incentive-Compatible ELIE Transfers” (with A. Trannoy), in Macrojustice : A pluridisciplinary evaluation of Kolm’s theory, edited by C. Gamel and M. Lubrano, Springer Verlag, 207-231.