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23-02-2024 13:00Romain Durand - Public Housing Supply: Public Policies, Spatial Disparities and Suppliers     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
09-02-2024 13:00Elodie Corvaisier - Impact of forced displacement on the development of social preferences and trust in children in the Sahel region     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
27-10-2023 13:00Pierre Vincent - The effect of climate change on urban configurations     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
17-02-2023 13:00Maria Erazo - Trading and cognition in asset markets: An eye-tracking experiment     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
09-12-2022 12:30Alexandre Angelloz-Nicoud - Stocks and Quantitative easing     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
25-11-2022 13:00Sébastien Doustaly - Pharmaceutical price negotiations in a differentiated duopoly     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
25-11-2022 13:00Carla Morvan - Municipalities' budgetary responses to natural disasters     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
28-10-2022 13:00Ludwig Ségalen, Zoé Iannuzzi, Aliou Olofindjin, Manyane Kpatoumbi - Thesis Project     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    St-Etienne    interne  
14-10-2022 13:00Lucile Laugerette - Weather Shocks and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  


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