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23-02-2024Romain Durand - Public Housing Supply: Public Policies, Spatial Disparities and Suppliers     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
09-02-2024Elodie Corvaisier - Impact of forced displacement on the development of social preferences and trust in children in the Sahel region     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
27-10-2023Pierre Vincent - The effect of climate change on urban configurations     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
23-02-2023Holger Rau (University of Göttingen)     GATE-LAB  
17-02-2023Maria Erazo - Trading and cognition in asset markets: An eye-tracking experiment     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
09-12-2022Alexandre Angelloz-Nicoud - Stocks and Quantitative easing     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
25-11-2022Sébastien Doustaly - Pharmaceutical price negotiations in a differentiated duopoly     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
25-11-2022Carla Morvan - Municipalities' budgetary responses to natural disasters     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
24-11-2022Daniel Balliet (VU Amsterdam) - Cross-societal differences in cooperation     GATE-LAB  
14-11-2022Moritz Loewenfeld (TSE) - How winners and losers see the world - implications of motivated reasoning & Fabio Galeotti (GATE) - Lies and Confessions     Séminaires BEERS  
28-10-2022Ludwig Ségalen, Zoé Iannuzzi, Aliou Olofindjin, Manyane Kpatoumbi - Thesis Project     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    St-Etienne    interne  
21-10-2022Glenn Dutcher (University of Ohio) - Creative capital generation: the role of diverse teams, experience and communication     GATE-LAB  
17-10-2022Nora Szech (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) - Competing Image Concerns: Pleasures of Skill and Moral Values     GATE-LAB  
14-10-2022Lucile Laugerette - Weather Shocks and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa     Séminaires doctorants    Ecully    interne  
10-10-2022Despoina Alempaki (Warwick Business School) - The menu of deception: what you see is all there is     Séminaires BEERS  
10-10-2022James Tremewan (IESEG School of Management) - The impact of referenda on norm-related beliefs     GATE-LAB  
06-10-2022Despoina Alempaki (Warwick Business School) - Deceptive Communication: Direct Lies and Evasion     GATE-LAB  
04-10-2022GATE-LAB funding program     Séminaires BEERS  
28-09-2022Glenn Dutcher (Ohio University) - Saving lives by understanding risk. How surgeon's perceptions affect willingness to accept deceased donor kidneys     Séminaires BEERS  
28-09-2022Eldar Dadon (Ben-Gurion University) - Goodhart's law - the cost of knowing     Séminaires BEERS  
22-09-2022Lea Cassar (University of Regensburg) - Keep Calm and Carry On: The Short vs. Long Run Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Academic Performance     GATE-LAB  
15-09-2022Rémi Neveu (University of Geneva) - Statistical analyses of editorial practicesin influential Nature journals     GATE-LAB  
08-09-2022Vanessa Valero (Loughborough University) - On the relative deservingness of capital and labor     GATE-LAB  
08-09-2022Lata Gangadharan (Monash University) - The role of the environment in the gender leadership gap     GATE-LAB  
04-07-2022Elise Payzan-LeNestour (UNSW Business School) - Craving for Money? Evidence from the Laboratory and the Field     GATE-LAB  
02-06-2022Julia Rose (Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute) - Lies and Confessions     Séminaires BEERS  
23-05-2022David Dickinson (Appalachian State University) - Political ideology, mood response, and the confirmation bias.     GATE-LAB  
20-05-2022Shaul Shalvi (University of Amsterdam) - Willful Ignorance: A Meta-Analytical Review     GATE-LAB  
19-05-2022Alberto Prati (University of Oxford) - Motivated Beliefs: A Natural Experiment     Séminaires BEERS  
10-05-2022Carsten de Dreu (Leiden University) - On Being Unpredictable and Winning     GATE-LAB  
06-05-2022Marius Alt (European Commission - Joint Research Centre) - The more the better? Synergies of interventions to tackle climate change and their effects on behavioural spillovers     Séminaires BEERS  
06-05-2022Nicola Argelli (LIUC) - Do search engine based technologies foster trust and the development of common communication codes?     Séminaires BEERS  
03-05-2022Christian Zehnder (University of Lausanne) - Hindsight Bias and Trust in Government: Evidence from the United States     GATE-LAB  
28-03-2022Maria Erazo Diaz (GATE) - Expectations models in assets markets: an eye-tracking experiment     Séminaires BEERS  
18-03-2022Shuguang Jiang (Shandong University) - Future Financial Pressure and Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from Families of Two Boys vs. Two Girls in Rural China with High Bride Price     Séminaires BEERS  
18-03-2022Eldar Dadon (Ben-Gurion University) - CSR as signal in the labor market     Séminaires BEERS  
03-03-2022Eugenio Verrina (GATE) - Group dishonesty: Incentives and beliefs     Séminaires BEERS  

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