New colleagues at GATE Lyon-St Etienne

03 October 2023

Be very welcome at GATE dear new colleagues: Oussama Ben Atta, Roberto Brunetti, Keyvan Kyani, Mao Lei, Sudipta Sarangi!

We are pleased to welcome our new colleagues at GATE Lyon-St Etienne:

  • Oussama Ben Atta, maître de conference at University Jean Monnet
  • Roberto Brunetti, post-doc at University Lyon 2
  • Keyvan Kyani, maître de conference at emlyon
  • Mao Lei, visiting fellow from Beijing University
  • Sudipta Sarangi, professor at Virginia Tech and visiting fellow at Collegium de Lyon (Photo by Steven McKay for Virginia Tech)

There is a pretty good gender balance at GATE Lyon-St Etienne so no worries if new colleagues are all men this year.