Marie Aurélie Lapierre

Doctorante (U. Lyon2)



PhD project 

This PhD project lies at the crossroads of urban economics and labor economics, and aims at better understanding the inequalities resulting from the interaction of the mechanisms of these two strands of the economy. A first chapter assesses the question of the existence of neighborhood effects in job search behaviors, which could amplify the initial unemployment inequalities due to spatial sorting of individuals across neighborhoods. A second, more exploratory chapter seeks to understand which frictions might explain the fact that the wage compensation mechanism of high housing costs no longer seems to work for the low-skilled on the recent period. A third chapter focuses on the consequences of these high housing costs on the labor market disparities between high-skilled and low-skilled. These issues are both related to public policies implemented in deprived neighborhoods and to housing policies in France.



  • Labor economics
  • Urban economics
  • Neighborhood effects
  • Housing market
  • Microeconometrics