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Workshop on Franchising & Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries

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This workshop will be held on May 12th and 13th, 2016, in Saint-Etienne.

This workshop is bound to the research contract "Economics and Management of Brazilian Franchising" between the universities of Lyon 2 and Sao Paulo.Muriel Fadairo is the leader of the project

Workshop Objectives
The aim of the workshop “Franchising & Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries” is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the development of franchising and distribution networks in emerging countries. The theme of franchising and distribution networks is a fertile field of research whose dynamism is manifested globally through regular publications in the best refereed scientific journals in economics and management. This interdisciplinary workshop is foremost, but not exclusively, based on economics and management. While a wide literature exists on the different aspects of franchising in developed countries, franchise and distribution networks are growing strongly in emerging economies. Statistics show a remarkable dynamism in Brazil, Mexico, China, Turkey, and in several African countries. This trend continues, despite the crises (social, economic, political, etc.) in emerging countries, and growing scientific work is presently developing on this topic. The purpose of the workshop is to promote an open debate on the state of the art and encourage the development of international collaborative research projects on franchising and distribution networks in emerging countries. We invite researchers in economics, management, or other scientific fields, to submit both empirical and theoretical papers.

Organization The workshop is jointly organized by the following research centers :
· GATE ( Groupe d’Analyse et de Théorie Economique ) , CNRS , UMR 5824, University of Lyon : GATE Lyon Saint - Etienne activities come under the fields of theoretical and applied economics, based on game theory, decision theory and contract theory. The institute has built an international reputation and a leading scientific position in various areas of excellence.
· CORS ( Center for Organization Studies) , GEPEC, University of São Paulo : CORS primary subject is the study of institutions and organizations, by means of a multid isciplinary approach, based on economics and other applied social science. CORS develops theoretical and empirical studies about the design and dynamics of organizational strategy.

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