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Workshop HEIDI-CORTEX Behavioral Economics

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Le GATE organise le workshop HEIDI-CORTEX Behavioral Economics : 29-30 octobre 2014 à Ecully

HEIDI-CORTEX Behavioral Economics Workshop

Ecully (Lyon, France), October 29-30, 2014


Marie Claire Villeval (GATE, CNRS)





Loukas Balafoutas (University of Innsbruck)

• Jordi Brandts (Institut d’Anàlisi Econòmica, CSIC, Barcelona)

Gary Charness (University of California at Santa Barbara)

Camille Cornand (GATE, CNRS)

Jean-Claude Dreher (CNC, Lyon)

Catherine Eckel (Texas A&M University)

Enrique Fatas (University of East Anglia)

Urs Fischbacher (University of Konstanz, Thurgau Institute of Economics)

Fabio Galeotti (GATE, CNRS, and University of East Anglia)

Daniel Houser (ICES, George Mason University)

Mateus Joffily (GATE, CNRS)

Stéphane Robin (GATE, CNRS)

Jeroen van de Ven(University of Amsterdam)

Marie Claire Villeval (GATE, CNRS)

Bernd Weber (University of Bonn)

Adam Zylbersztejn (GATE, University Lyon 2)


This workshop is organized in connection with two research programs, HEIDI and CORTEX. It also celebrates the inauguration of the new experimental platform, GATE-LAB.

CORTEX (Construction, Cognitive Function, Rehabilitation and Repair of the Cortex)

CORTEX is a project that was awarded the label “Laboratoire d’Excellence” by the French Government. It combines multidisciplinary effort to understand the brain and human cognition, based on systems level studies of networks and interactions of multiple scales, from neurons to individuals. Creating a coherent research program that integrates the communities pursuing cortex development, physiology and anatomy, cognitive science, medicine, social sciences is a primary ambition of CORTEX.

HEIDI: How Emotions Influence Decision-making: an Interdisciplinary perspective

HEIDI is a research project funded by the ANR, the National Research Agency, and developed jointly by GATE and the Center of Cognitive Neurosciences. The goal of this project is to provide an integrative account of motivational and decisional processes, combining behavioral economics, experimental economics, computational modeling, and functional MRI to study their effects on reward and decision making-related brain activity.

PI: M.C. Villeval. Co-PI: J.C. Dreher.


College Hotel
5 Place Saint-Paul, 69009 Lyon
Tel. +33 (0) 472 100 505

The College Hotel is located in the heart of the Old Lyon, appointed world heritage site by the UNESCO.


The workshop will take place at the GATE research institute
93 chemin des Mouilles
69130 Ecully

Room: Seminar room

How to get to College Hotel:

• From Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport, the Rhonexpress train from Saint-Exupery drives you to La Part-Dieu railway station every 20 minutes. There, take a taxi to the hotel (about 10 minutes).

How to get to GATE:

• Take metro line D (direction Gare de Vaise) and get off at “Gorge de loup”.

• At Gorge de Loup, take bus N° 3 to Ecully Grandes Ecoles.

• From the bus stop “Grandes Ecoles”, it takes 5 minutes to reach GATE (see map).