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Ly Tidiane

Research Interests :

  • Public economics
  • Local public finance
  • Urban economics
  • Public policy evaluation

Contact :[at]

Thesis : Impact of institutional changes on local governments’ behavior regarding the attraction of households and firms

Supervisors : Sonia Paty and Florence Goffette-Nagot

Education :

  • PhD - Economics, University of Lyon, GATE-CNRS (2014-)
  • Master in Theoretical and Empirical Economics, Paris School of Economics, ENS Cachan , University of Paris-Sorbonne (2014)
  • Magistère of Economics and Econometrics, University of Paris-Sorbonne (2012)

Research stay abroad : Interuniversity Centre on Risk, Economic Policies and Employment (CIRPEE), University of Laval, Canada, winter 2016

Working papers :

  • "Sub-metropolitan tax competition with mobile households and capital", T. Ly, GATE Working Paper, 2016
  • "Fourniture de biens publics en présence de préférences altruistes : une approche redistributive avec sélection adverse", T. Ly, Diss., 2014

Work in progress :

  • "Local taxation and tax base mobility : Evidence from a business tax reform in France", T. Ly, S. Paty
  • "Taxes in the metropolis", T. Ly

Conferences and Presentations :

  • Rhône Spatial Economics Workshop, march 2017, Geneva
  • Annual Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, november 2016, Minneapolis
  • Public Policies and Spatial Economics Seminar, october 2016, Lyon
  • Public Economics at the Regional Level (PEARL) seminar, september 2016, Santiago de compostela
  • Annual meeting of the French Economic Association (AFSE), june 2016, Nancy
  • Journées de Microéconomie Appliquée (JMA), june 2016, Besançon
  • Workshop Political Economy and Local Public Finance, september 2015, Lille
  • GATE Research Seminar, october 2015, Lyon
  • Public Policies and Spatial Economics Seminar, may 2015, Lyon
  • GATE Seminar, december 2014, Lyon

Teaching :

  • Public economics
  • Mathematics

Other : Referee : Revue d’Economie Politique