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Galeotti Fabio

CNRS Research Scientist

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Last update : 17 September 2020


Research Interests

Fabio’s fields of interest are in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics. Current research interests include dishonest and cheating behavior, the behavioral economics of the workplace, and bargaining behavior.


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Working Papers

  • Casoria, F., Galeotti, F., and M.C. Villeval (2020) "Perceived Social Norm and Behavior Quickly Adjusted to Legal Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic", GATE Working Paper 2022 (submitted).
  • Galeotti, F., M. Motero, and A. Poulsen (2017), "The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining : Experimental Evidence", CBESS Discussion Paper 17-04 (submitted).
  • Galeotti, F., V. Maggian, and M.C. Villeval (2019) "Fraud Deterrence Institutions Decrease Intrinsic Honesty", GATE Working Paper 1924 (submitted).

Work in Progress

  • Benisant, J., Galeotti, F. and M.C. Villeval "The distinct impact of feedback and incentives policies on dishonesty" (manuscript under preparation)
  • Dimant, E., Galeotti, F. and M.C. Villeval "Norm-Formation and the Role of Endogenous Information Acquisition" (manuscript under preparation)
  • Kline, R., Galeotti, F. and R. Orsini "Violations of Meritocracy Induce Corruption : Cross-National Experimental and Survey Evidence" (manuscript under preparation)
  • Galeotti, F. "The Role of Empathy in a Power-to-take Experiment" (manuscript under preparation)
  • Galeotti, F., M. Motero, and A. Poulsen "When do Two Bargainers Decide to Flip a Coin ?" (manuscript under preparation)
  • Galeotti, F. and J. Hamman "On the Impact of Honest Leaders in Restoring Ethical Conduct" (data collection in progress)
  • Galeotti, F. and D.J. Zizzo "Evaluating the Trade-Off Between Political Preferences and Politican Quality in Voting Decisions" (data collection in progress)
  • Galeotti, F., A. Poulsen, and M.C. Villeval "Bargaining Aversion" (in design phase)
  • Galeotti, F., and A. Zylbersztejn "From the Field to the Lab" (in design phase)

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