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Zhao Zhejin

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Thesis title : Three essays on housing markets and housing policies, defended on 20 September 2018
Supervisor : Florence Goffette-Nagot, Research Professor, CNRS
Jury : Frédéric Jouneau-Sion (Examiner), Miren Lafourcade (Examiner, President of the jury), Maëlys de la Rupelle (Examiner), Benoît Schmutz (Referee), Chunbing Xing (External referee)

Research fields

  • Housing economics, effects of rent control policy, housing prices in Chinese cities.
  • Urban economics, residential location choices and residential segregation
  • China’s economy

Work in progress

  • Rents, housing supply and rent control : a historical perspective from Lyon, with Florence Goffette-Nagot and Loïc Bonneval.
  • Aging and housing markets, evidence from China
  • Housing prices and skill composition in Chinese cities.

Research and Professional experience

  • Hedonic price analysis and the residential location choice, The Kraks Fond, Copenhagen, Denmark. 30th Aug - 01 Sep 2017
  • Summer school “Social Interactions and Urban Segregation”, Faculty of Economics, Rennes, France, 10th-12th June 2014
  • Graduate research trainee, Department of Economics, McGill University, Canada, Nov. 2014 - May 2015

Communications and Seminars

  • European Association of Labour Economists (EALE) Conference, GATE-LSE, Lyon, France. Sep 2018
  • Chinese Economists Society 2018 China Annual Conference, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China. June 2018
  • The 7th International Workshop on Regional, Urban, and Spatial Economics in China, Hunan University, Changsha, China June 2018
  • The First Global Chinese Urban Governance Conference, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai, China. June 2018
  • AFSE, PSE, Paris. May 2018
  • The 11th International Conference on the Chinese Economy, CERDI-IDREC, Clermont Auvergne University, France. Oct. 2017
  • The 8th Annual SEBA-GATE Workshop, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany July. 2017
  • Regional Studies Association Early Career Conference 2015, University of Sheffield, UK, 29th-30th Oct. 2015
  • The third Lyon - Turin Economics and Management PhD Workshop, Lyon, France, 29th-30th June 2015
  • "Public policies and space"Seminar, “Aging, migration and Chinese urban housing markets”, GATE-LSE, Lyon, France, 16 September, 2014
  • Internal Seminar, “The Effect of Rent Control : a Survey of Lyon”, GATE-LSE, Lyon, France, 1 September, 2014
  • The GATE PHD workshop, 20 December, 2013