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GATE participation in the "Week of the Brain" : an experiment in neuroeconomics

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GATE participation in the "Week of the Brain" : an experiment in neuroeconomics

GATE researchers, Nadège Bault, Mateus Joffily and Marie Claire Villeval participated in the "Week of the Brain" by offering an experience in neuroeconomics on the role of emotions in decision making.

Emotions have long been considered irrational reactions that affect decision making. Yet these beliefs have changed according to new data in psychology and behavioral economics. After an introduction to the new discipline of neuroeconomic , participants were able to participate in a game of tax reporting. Meanwhile records electrodermal measurements were conducted using electrodes placed on the fingers of the participants. Emotions curves were thus transcribed simultaneously on a large screen.

At the end of the session, the researchers explained the mechanisms of decision-making based on what the participants were experiencing.
36 visitors of all backgrounds have been able to participate in these experiments March 13, 2014.

GATE is a member of the laboratory of Excellence CORTEX supported by the Investissements d’Avenir ( ). The Laboratory regularly participates in public events to present its activities. In the field of behavioral economics, a series of posters entitled " Economists in white coats: Experiment in Economics " was performed. One of the posters "Emotions and rationality: Descartes versus neuroeconomics", is especially dedicated to neuroeconomics