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Macroeconomics, finance and history of economics

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Coordinator :

Camille Cornand


The research group works on three themes mainly related to monetary economics :

Macroeconomic cycles and economic policy

Works on macroeconomics cycles study the transmission of business cycles in open and financialized economies and how monetary policy and central banks communication can affect economic outcomes. The analyzes are based on theoretical tools (including DSGE), and empirical and experimental tools.

Finance and Banking

Banking issues are addressed using the tools of finance and industrial network design with an original approach using experimentation.

History of Economic Analysis

Researches conducted in this area are related to the history of macroeconomics and analyze the foundations of monetary policy and the history of banking practices. The institutional determinants of growth and development, with particular attention to the colonial legacy are adressed too.


Forthcoming events

  • Workshop, GATE, Ecully, salle des séminaires, June 22, 2017.

Publications 2016, 2017 and forthcoming

  • Stéphane Auray, Aurélien Eyquem, Paul Gomme (2016), "A Tale of Tax Policies in Open Economies", International Economic Review , 57, pp. 1299-1333.
  • Stéphane Auray, Aurélien Eyquem, Frédéric Jouneau-Sion (2016), "Climatic Conditions and Productivity : An Impact Evaluation in Pre-industrial England", Annales d’Economie et Statistiques , pp. 261-277.
  • Romain Baeriswyl, Camille Cornand (2016), "The predominant role of signal precision in experimental beauty contest", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics , 16, 1, pp. 267-301.
  • Nicolas Barbaroux, Michel Bellet (2016), "L’économie comme science et les jugements de valeur politiques. Myrdal et sa thèse initiale de neutralité", Revue économique , forthcoming.
  • Camille Cornand, Cheick K. M’baye (2016), "Does inflation targeting matter ? An experimental investigation", Macroeconomic Dynamics , forthcoming.
  • Camille Cornand, Cheick Kader M’Baye (2016), "Band or Point Inflation Targeting ? An Experimental Approach", Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination , forthcoming.
  • Camille Cornand, Pauline Gandré, Céline Gimet (2016), "Increase in home bias in the Eurozone debt crisis : the role of domestic shocks", Economic Modelling , 53, pp. 445-469.
  • Christophe Courbage, Béatrice Rey-Fournier (2016), "On ambiguity apportionment", Journal of Economics , 118, pp. 265-275.
  • Christophe Courbage, Béatrice Rey-Fournier (2016), "Decision Thresholds and Changes in Risk for Preventive Treatment", Health Economics , 25, pp. 111-124.
  • Gilles Jacoud (2016), "Littérature et économie politique : une analyse comparée des approches de Saint-Simon et Jean-Baptiste Say", L’homme et la société , pp. 151-170.
  • Sophie Saglio, Antonia López-Villavicencio (2016), "The Wage Inflation Unemployment Curve at the Macroeconomic Level", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics , forthcoming.
  • Naama Trad, Mohamed Ali Trabelsi, Jean-François Goux (2017), "Risk and profitability of Islamic banks : A religious deception or an alternative solution ?", European Research on Management and Business Economic , 23, 1, pp. 40-45.

Working papers 2016, 2017

  • Nicolas Houy, Frédéric Jouneau (2016), "Defaulting firms and systemic risks in financial networks", Working paper GATE 2016-06.
  • Andrea Bonilla Bolaños (2016), "A step further in the theory of regional integration : A look at the Unasur’s integration strategy", Working paper GATE 2016-17.
  • Romain Baeriswyl, Camille Cornand, Bruno Ziliotto (2016), "Observing and shaping the market : the dilemma of central banks", Working Paper GATE 2016-23.


Main membership

  • ALBERTINI Julien
  • BOUREILLE Bernard
  • JOUNEAU-SION Frédéric

Secondary membership

  • BELLET Michel

Associate Members

  • GIMET Céline

Affiliate members



  • TRAD Naama
  • MA Xiaofei
  • Marcela Guachamin


Contracts and Funds

  • STABEX, Project cofunded by ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche) and DFG (Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft), 2013-2017.