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Development, Institutions, Cities and Regions

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Members of the Development, Institutions, Cities and Regions group use theoretical and empirical methods to conduct research in applied microeconomics. The main topics under investigation cover:

- the design and evaluation of public policies in the areas of labor, tax, innovation, housing or health;
- the determinants and consequences of urbanization and the spatial organization of economic activities;
- the determinants and consequences of violence and democratic forces.

Empirical works analyze survey, administrative, historical or geolocalized data using applied econometric or machine learning methods. Case studies cover both developing and developed countries. Theoretical works develop network formation models, urban economic models or optimal taxation models.

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Permanent researchers and professors

  • Corinne Autant Bernard, Professor, UJM
  • Pascal Billand, Associate Professor, UJM
  • Khaled Bouabdallah, Professor, UJM
  • Sylvie Charlot, Professor, UL2
  • Matthieu Couttenier, Chercheur Fellowship IDEX, ENS
  • Nelly Exbrayat, Associate Professor HDR, UJM
  • Mathilde Godard, Researcher, CNRS
  • Florence Goffette-Nagot, Research professor, CNRS
  • Jonathan Goupille-Lebret, Researcher, CNRS
  • Sophie Hatte, Associate Professor, ENS
  • Jean-Yves Lesueur, Professor, UL2
  • Sonia Paty, Professor, UL2
  • Lionel Perrier, Researcher, Centre Léon Bérard
  • Philippe Polomé, Professor, UL2
  • Stéphane Riou, Professor, UJM
  • Julien Salanié, Professor UJM
  • Sinan Sarpça, Associate Professor, ENS
  • Victor Stephane, Associate Professor, UJM
  • Laurent Simula, Professor, ENS
  • Alban Verchère, Associate Professor, UJM

Permanent researchers and professors (secondary field)

  • Izabela Jelovac, Research Professor, CNRS
  • Béatrice Rey-Fournier, Professor, UL2

Ph.D. candidates and Post-Doc

  • Nesrine Bouzeghoub, Ph.D. candidate, UJM
  • Adhen Benlahlou, Ph.D. candidate, UJM
  • Siwar Khelifa, Ph.D. candidate, UL2
  • Marie Aurélie Lapierre, Ph.D. candidate, UL2
  • Jordan Loper, Post-Doc, ENS
  • Carla Morvan, Ph.D. candidate, UL2
  • Lavinia Piemontese, Post-Doc, ENS
  • David Swan, Ph.D. candidate, ENSOSP et UL2
  • Morgan Ubeda, Ph.D. candidate, UL2

Research engineers

  • Clément Gorin, ENS and PSE.
  • Magali Morelle, Centre Léon Bérard

Research grants (selection)

  • IDEX FELLOWSHIP. The Economic Determinants and the Legacies of Violence. 2018-2021. M. Couttenier.
  • ANR ESRC - ORA. Mapping History-What Historical Maps Can Tell Us About Urban Development? 2020-2023. GATE coordinator: P-P. Combes.
  • ANR JOBSUSTAIN (Job Quality and Work Sustainability). 2020-2023. GATE coordinator: M. Godard.
  • ANR MIDDLECLASS (Middle classes, Taxation and Democracy in a Globalized World). 2020-2023. GATE coordinator: L. Simula
  • SCUSI-Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Areas of innovation: how to promote knowledge diffusion? 2017-2020. C. Autant-Bernard.
  • Ecole Urbaine de Lyon. Risques écotoxicologiques liés à l’émission des polluants émergents à l’échelle d’un territoire urbain : évaluation et liens avec l’environnement socio-urbanistique. 2018-2022. P. Polomé.
  • Labex Intelligences des Mondes Urbains. Chaire "Habiter Ensemble la Ville de Demain" (HEVD). 2015-2021. GATE coordinator: F. Goffette-Nagot.

Recent publications (selection)


  • Berman N., Couttenier M., Soubeyran R. (2020). Fertile Ground for Conflict. Journal of the European Economic Association. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02315795
  • Combes P.-P., Démurger S., Li S., Wang J. (2020). Unequal migration and urbanisation gains in China. Journal of Development Economics, 142art 102328. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02005778
  • Exbrayat, N. ; Riou S. and Madiès T. (2020). A Simple Model of Corporate Bailouts in a Globalized Economy. Scandinavian Journal of Economics. 122(4), 1575-1605.
  • Garbinti B., Goupille-Lebret J. (2020). Income and Wealth Inequality in France: Developments and Links over the Long Term. Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics, (510-511-512)pp. 69-87. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02419071
  • Giraud P, Giraud P, Nicolas E, Boisselier P, Alfonsi M, Rives M, Bardet E, Calugaru V, Noel G, Chajon E, Pommier P, Morelle M, Perrier L, Liem X, Burgun A, Bibault JE. Interpretable Machine Learning Model for Locoregional Relapse Prediction in Oropharyngeal Cancers. Cancers (Basel). 2020, Dec 28,13(1),E57.
  • Gosset A., Polomé P., Perrodin Y. (2020). Ecotoxicological risk assessment of micropollutants from treated urban wastewater effluents for watercourses at a territorial scale: Application and comparison of two approaches. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 224:113437. DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-02429256
  • Hatte S. and Koening P. The Geography of NGO Activism against Multinational Corporations, with P. Koenig. World Bank Economic Review , 2020 34:1, 143-163.
  • Ly T., Paty S. (2020). Local taxation and tax base mobility : Evidence from France. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 82:103430. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02006368
  • Paty S., Ubeda M. (2020). Décentralisation et taille optimale des collectivités locales : pourquoi, comment coopérer et avec quels effets ? Revue Française d’Economie, XXXV(1):99. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-03035546
  • Selin H., Simula L. (2020). Income shifting as income creation. Journal of Public Economics, 182art 104081. DOI: Réf. HAL: halshs-02390334

Books and book chapters

  • Berman N., Couttenier M., Monnet N., Ticku R. (2020). Conflict in times of COVID-19, In Simeon Djankov, Ugo Panizza (dir.), COVID-19 in Developing Economie, Londres, CEPR Press:147-156. url: Réf. HAL: hal-02877564
  • Démurger S. (2020). Labour market outcomes of ethnic minorities in urban China, In ed. by B. Gustafsson, R. Hasmath & S. Ding (dir.), Ethnicity and Inequality in China, New York and Oxford, Routledge. Réf. HAL: halshs-02386005
  • Le Maux B., (2020). Paty S. Economie publique locale, Economica. Réf. HAL: halshs-02874806

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