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Public Policies, Spatial Economics

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The “Space and Public Policies” (SPP) research group works on the spatial distribution of economic activities, its consequences for the design of public policies and the impact of these policies on social welfare.
Public policies that are investigated include taxation, innovation, research and development, housing, employment, health and environment. A distinctive feature of our research is to emphasize the role of the spatial dimension in the analysis of these policies. The spatial analysis covers various scales, from the infra-urban scale (with the study of urban segregation and urban sprawl) to the international scale (with the analysis of intergovernmental competition).
The analytical methods are both theoretical and empirical. On the empirical side, applied econometrics is used with survey data collected by official bodies (Surveys on Housing, R & D, Innovation, public data from the Local Government Branch, etc.), or by the researchers themselves. On the theoretical side, the spatial dimension is addressed through the development of models of cooperation networks, urban economics or international trade.
The SPP research group is involved in the creation of the European Monitoring Centre for Localized Data on Innovation (EuroLIO), led by Corinne Autant-Bernard. EuroLIO’s mission is to facilitate the interactions between researchers, policy makers and data producers. It produces and disseminates information on localized innovation, with a goal of assisting local government decision making.
Sylvie Démurger is the scientific coordinator of the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) Chineq. The LIA Chineq is built upon a long-lasting collaboration between GATE and the School of Business (SEBA) of Beijing Normal University. It aims at promoting new research and training activities in the field of economic inequalities.
Florence Goffette-Nagot is a member of the research chair "Habiter Ensemble la Ville de Demain" (HEVD), hosted by the Labex "Intelligence des mondes urbains". The chair brings together researchers in human and social sciences, in the aim of shedding light on "living together in cities" issues.

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Recent publications

  • Autant-Bernard Corinne, Chalaye Sylvie, Gagliardini Elisa, Usai Stefano (2017) European Knowledge Neighbourhood : Knowledge production in EU neighboring countries and intensity of the relationship with EU countries, Journal of Economic and social Geography, 108, pp. 52-75
  • Bibault Jean-Emmanuel, Dussart Sophie, Pommier Pascal, Morelle Magali, Huguet Marius, Boisselier Pierre, Coche-Dequeant Bernard, Alfonsi Marc, Bardet Etienne, Rives Michel, Calugaru Valentin, Chajon Enrique, Noel Georges, Mecellem Hinda, Servagi Vernat Stephanie, Perrier Lionel, Giraud Philippe (2017) Clinical Outcomes of Several IMRT Techniques for Patients With Head and Neck Cancer : A Propensity Score-Weighted Analysis, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, 99, pp. 929-937
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  • Combes Pierre-Philippe, Bosquet Clément, García-Peñalosa Cecilia (2017) Gender and competition : Evidence from academic promotions in France, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, A paraître
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  • Havet Nathalie, Penot Alexis, Morelle Magali, Perrier Lionel, Charbotel Barbara, Fervers Béatrice (2017) Varied exposure to carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic (CMR) chemicals in occupational settings in France, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 90, pp. 227-241
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  • Havet Nathalie, Penot Alexis, Plantier Morgane, Charbotel Barbara, Morelle Magali, Fervers Béatrice (2017) Do regulations protect workers from occupational exposures to carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic (CMR) agents in France ?, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, A paraître
  • Penel-Page Mathilde, Marec-Berard Perrine, Morelle Magali, Bertrand Amandine, Riberon Christèle, Boyle Helen, Perrier Lionel (2017) Management of Febrile Neutropenias in Adolescents and Young Adults : A Cost-Minimization Analysis Between Adult Versus Pediatric Units, Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, 6, pp. 542-550
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  • Plantier Morgane, Havet Nathalie, Durand Thierry, Caquot Nicolas, Amaz Camille, Biron Pierre, Philip Irène, Perrier Lionel (2017) Does adoption of electronic health records improve the quality of care management in France ? Results from the French e-SI (PREPS-SIPS) study, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 102, pp. 156-165
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  • Seminar of the research field.
    - Sylvain Chareyron, Lucie Letrouit (PSE), 26/10/2018
    - Tiphanie Magne, 11/06/2018
    - Marius Huguet, 11/06/2018
    - Tidiane Ly, 20/10/2017
    - Sophie Hatte, 26/09/2017
    - Julien Flaig, 03/10/2017
    - Mathilde Godard, 06/06/2017
    - Clément Gorin, 14/02/2017
    - Benjamin Monnery, 07/02/2017
    - Jonathan Goupille, 24/01/2017
    - Zhejin Zhao, 13/12/2016
    - Samia Badji, 22/11/2016
    - Tidiane Ly, 05/10/2016
    - Zhejin Zhao, 11/2015
    - Carolina Guevara, 05/2015
    - Yukiko Abe et Florence Goffette-Nagot, 02/2014


Europe-China Collaborative Research Project MARCO_P "Migration and the Reshaping of Consumption Patterns".

Chaire de recherche Habiter Ensemble la Ville de Demain (HEVD)


46 members : permanent researchers and professors (main or secondary membership), PhD students and post-doc, affiliated researchers

Permanent researchers and professors (main membership)

  • Corinne Autant Bernard, Professor, UJM
  • Luc Baumstark, Assistant professor, UL2
  • Pascal Billand, Assistant professor, UJM
  • Khaled Bouabdallah, Professor, UJM
  • Sylvie Charlot, Professor, UL2
  • Pierre-Philippe Combes, Research professor, CNRS
  • Matthieu Couttenier, Assistant Professor, ENS
  • Sylvie Démurger, Research professor, CNRS
  • Nelly Exbrayat, Assistant professor HDR, UJM
  • Mathilde Godard, Researcher, CNRS
  • Florence Goffette-Nagot, Research professor, CNRS
  • Sophie Hatte, Assistant Professor, ENS
  • Jean-Yves Lesueur, Professor, UL2
  • Magali Morelle, Statistician, Centre Léon Bérard
  • Sonia Paty, Professor, UL2
  • Lionel Perrier, Research Fellow, Centre Lyon Berard
  • Philippe Polomé, Professor, UL2
  • Stéphane Riou , Professor, UJM
  • Julien Salanié, Assistant professor, UJM
  • Laurent Simula, Professor, ENS
  • Alban Verchère, Assistant professor, UJM

Permanent researchers and professors (secondary membership)

  • Izabela Jelovac, Research fellow, CNRS
  • Béatrice Rey-Fournier, Professor, UL2
  • Jérôme Trotignon, Assistant professor, UL2

PhDs or post-doc

  • Andrea Aguirre-Sanchez, UJM
  • Adhen Benlahlou, UJM
  • Sylvain Chareyron, Post-doc. Chaire HEVD
  • Ruben Fotso, UJM
  • Wilfried Guets, UL2
  • Jonathan Goupille-Lebret, Post-Doc researcher, ENS
  • Marius Huguet, UL2
  • Siwar Khelifa, UL2
  • Chloé Leclere, ENS
  • Tiruo Liu, China Scolarship Council and UL2
  • Tidiane Ly, UL2
  • Tiphanie Magne
  • Tatiana Martinez Zavala, ENS
  • Alain N’Ghauran, UJM
  • Yohann Trouvé, UL2
  • Morgan Udeba, UL2
  • Zhejin Zhao, UJM
  • Mengbing Zhu, ENS and beijing Normal University

Affiliated researchers

  • Christophe Bravard, Professor, University of Grenoble
  • Marion Dessertine, ELO (Observatory of Employment in Loire)
  • Marie Eyquem-Renault, Assistant professor, ENS
  • Nora Ferdjaoui-Moumjid, Associate Professor, UL1
  • Carolina Guevara, National Polytechnic Scool of Quito
  • Yann Kossi, UL2
  • Benjamin Monnery, Associate Professor, University Paris Nanterre
  • Maria Laura Silva, Associate Professor, University of Bordeaux
  • Hui Xu, Associate Professsor, Université Normale de Pékin

Research engineer :

  • Clément Gorin, Ph.D.


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