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Working papers


Electoral fraud and voter turnout : An experimental study

Vardan Baghdasaryan, Giovanna Iannantuoni, Valeria Maggian, Working paper GATE 2017-16
In this paper we experimentally investigate the consequences of electoral fraud on voter turnout. The experiment is based on a strategic binary voting model where voters decide whether to cast a costly vote in favour of their preferred candidate or to abstain. The minority candidate can illicitly influence the electoral process by applying ballot-box stuffing. In the experiment we implement two different framings : we compare voter turnout in a neutral environment and with framed instructions to explicitly replicate elections. This approach enables to both test the model’s predictions and to estimate the framing effects of voting and fraud. Comparison of experimental results
with theoretical predictions reveals over-voting, which is exacerbated when fraud occurs. Turnout increases as predicted with moderate level of fraud while, with higher electoral fraud, voters fail to recognize that the existence of a relatively larger number of "agents" voting with certainty considerably decreases the benefits of voting.
Importantly, framing matters, as revealed by the higher turnout of those in the majority group, against which the fraud is applied.

The spillover effects of gender quotas on dishonesty

Valeria Maggian, Natalia Montinari, Working paper GATE 2017-15
We experimentally test for spillover effects of gender quotas on subsequent unrelated, unethical behavior. We find that introducing quotas has no systematic effect on unethical behavior for both genders. High performing, competitive females are more likely to display unethical behavior than their male counterparts.