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Seminars GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne in Saint-Etienne

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- Our seminars usually take place on thursdays from 10:45 to 12:00, but many exceptions exist.

- Venue : Jean Monnet University at Saint-Etienne, Campus Tréfilerie. Sciences Po Lyon building (77 rue Michelet Saint-Etienne)
- Conference room : Salle du Conseil (2nd floor)
- Video conference on demand
- Organization : Julie Ferrand and Aymeric Lardon

Seminars 2021-2022, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

Past Seminars 2021-2022, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

23/09/2021 Emmanuel Duguet, Université de Paris Est Créteil Measuring the effects of multiple sclerosis in the labour market : an econometric analysis on long panel data
7/10/2021 Astrid Hopfensitz, GATE-LSE The strategic display of emotions
14/10/2021 Tchapo Gbandi, CATT, GATE Climate Change Fosters International Cooperation : Evidence from Water Treaties
28/10/2021 Mathieu Sanch-Maritan, CREAM Université Rouen-Normandie Trade, wage adjustment and job. Evidence from worker-firm matched data
18/11/2021 Marion Monnet, Ined Does Information Provision Reduce Student Mismatch ? Evidence from University Admissions in France

Past Seminars 2020-2021, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

01/10/2020 Clémence Tricaud, UCLA Anderson School of Management Better Alone ? Evidence on the Costs of Intermunicipal Cooperation
22/10/2020 Frederic Moisan, GATE LSE Large Scale Experiments on Networks : A New Platform with Applications
12/11/2020 Stéphanie Roza, chargée de recherches CNRS, Triangle (ENS Lyon) L’égalitarisme économique des républicains radicaux, de Robespierre à Karl Marx (1793-1848)
04/02/2021 Foivos Savva, University of St Andrews Conditional rights and implementation
25/02/2021 [Abdelhalim El Ouafdi], GATE-LSE Probabilities of electoral outcomes : From three candidate to four candidate elections
11/03/2021 Abdoulaye Diallo, University of Grenoble Blockchain-based Contracts : elements of methodology
20/05/2021 Simona Iammarino, London School of Economics and Political Science Technology and geography in a paradigm shift : the case of Critical & Conflict Materials in ICT
03/06/2021 Dirk Ehnts, Institute for International Political Economy Berlin COVID-19 and its economic consequences for the Euro Area
03/06/2021 Ron Boschma, Utrecht University The Dark Side of the Geography of Innovation : Relatedness, Complexity, and Regional Inequality in Europe

Past Seminars 2019-2020, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

12/03/2020 Francesco Giacomini,
The London School of Economics and Political Science
Bitcoin : New Financial Order or Libertarian Dystopia ? An Answer from The Past : Scotland 1727-1845 - A Critical Review of Decentralised Systems of Private Money Supply
23/01/2020 Nikolaos Pnevmatikos,
Université Paris 2
Decomposition of games : some strategic considerations
16/01/2020 Benoit Tarroux, Univ Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon 2, GATE LSE Distributing resources before and after collective deliberation
19/12/2019 Ivan Mitrouchev, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Université de Lyon, REGARDS, Université de Reims The View from Everywhere : Normative Economics with Context-Dependent Preferences
28/11/2019 Uskali Maki, University of Helsinki, Nankai University Puzzled by idealizations and understanding their functions
21/11/2019 Mariana Rojas-Breu, University Paris Dauphine-PSL Central bank account for all : efficiency and stability
31/10/2019 Fatma Zahra Rostom, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne A Dynamic Cooperative Game for International and Intergenerational Allocation with Exhaustible Natural Resources
17/10/2019 Andres Salamanca, University Southern Denmark Random dictatorship and the value of cooperative games with incomplete information
10/10/2019 Ina Taneva, University of Edinburgh Optimal Information Hierarchies
26/9/2019 Kevin Leportier, CES, Paris 1 University On the meaning of freedom of choice in interactive contexts
19/9/2019 Sandye Gloria, GREDEG, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis Aux origines de la créativité dans la tradition économique autrichienne
12/9/2019 Mathew Braham, University of Hamburg Preference Rankings and Proportional Representation : Mismatches in Germany, 2005–2017

Past Seminars 2018-2019, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

20/6/2019 Jean Laine Strategy-proof preference aggregation
13/6/2019 Gilbert Faccarello ‘Enlightened Saint Malthus’ or ‘the Gloomy Protestant of Dismal England’ ? The Reception of Malthus in French Language.
23/5/2019 Eric Kamwa Sur la réduction des inégalités de revenus au moyen d’une séquence finie de transformations
2/5/2019 Dominique Torre Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, consensus protocols : a blockchain application for local complementary currencies
4/4/2019 Jao Ferreira On behavioural proxies of welfare
14/3/2019 Marc Deschamps Le partage d’une ressource commune dans les situations où il y a une arrivée aléatoires d’agents
21/3/2019 Charlie Joyez Alignment of Multinational Firms along Global Value Chains : A Network perspective
21/3/2019 Adrien Lutz Distributive Justice in the Socialists in 19th century
7/3/2019 Mathieu Couttenier Natural resources and ethnic identity,(with Nicolas Berman, Aix Marseille University and Victoire Girard, Nova SB)
7/2/2019 Agnes Benassy-Quéré Taxing capital and labor when both factors are mobile internationally
24/1/201 Shoaib Abdul Basit Do Knowledge Competencies and Competitive Market Environments Raise Innovation ? An Empirical Analysis of German Firms
22/11/2018 Susumu Cato The Possibility of Paretian Anonymous Decision-Making
with an Infinite Population
18/10/2018 Dirk Ehnts Knapp’s ‘The State Theory of Money’ and its reception in German-speaking academic discourse

Workshops & Conferences 2018-2019, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

28 & 29/03/2019 INDEPTH Institutional Design and Economic Preferences : THeory and experiments

Past Seminars 2017-2018, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne

17/05/2018 Issofa Moyouwou, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Yaoundé- Cameroun How to share a local increment in a TU-game ?
26/04/2018 Pierre-Hernan Rojas, EconomiX, CNRS (UMR 7235) – Université Paris-Nanterre Triffin Dilemma and Regional Monetary Approach : an Appraisal
26/04/2018 Pierre-Hernan Rojas, EconomiX, CNRS (UMR 7235) – Université Paris-Nanterre Triffin Dilemma and Regional Monetary Approach : an Appraisal
06/04/2018 Paolo Silvestri, Université Freibourg Welfare State and Taxation, The critical point of Freedom between gift and corruption
29/03/2018 Fabio Galeotti, CNRS, GATE Lyon The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining : Experimental Evidence
15/03/2018 Michele Gori, Univ. Firenze Breaking Ties in Collective Decision Making
08/03/2018 Laurent Gobillon, Paris School of Economics, CNRS The Local Effects of an Innovation : Evidence from the French Fish Market
01/03/2018 Tanguy van Ypersele, GREQUAM, Université Aix-Marseille Property crime and private protection in cities
31/01/2017 Mouez Fodha, PSE, Université Paris 1 Sorbonne Public Finance and environmental protection : tax or debt ?
25/01/2017 Amélie Favreau, Université Grenoble Alpes L’intérêt de la Blockchain en droit de la propriété intellectuelle
21/12/2017 Jean-Sébastien Gharbi, REGARDS, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne Welfarism and Ethical Neutrality
16/11/2017 Andrea Aguirre, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Jean Monnet University Inequality and Victimization : an individual level analysis in Ecuador
19/12/2017 Workshop Doctorants, CNRS, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne Program
07/12/2017 Mathilde Godard, CNRS, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne Screening Disability Insurance Applications and Targeting
23/11/2017 Mathieu Sanch Maritan, Economix (UMR 7235), and associate researcher in CESAER (UMR 1041), University Paris Nanterre Resilience ; Common factor panel ; Synthetic control ; Heterogeneous effects ; Urban-Rural gradient
16/11/2017 Andrea Aguirre, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Jean Monnet University Inequality and Victimization : an individual level analysis in Ecuador
12/10/2017 Michael McLure, University of Western Australia Thinking Outside the Box : A Reinterpretation and Reconstruction of Edgeworth’s Figure 1
29/09/2017 Matthew Braham, University of Hamburg Trembling Hand Responsibility
21/09/2017 Judith Favereau, Triangle, University Lumière Lyon-2 From the Lab to the Field : History and Methodology of Field Experiments in Economics


Past Seminars 2016-2017, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne


06/07/2017 Sudipta Sarangi, Virginia Tech Network Formation with Multigraphs and Strategic Complementarities : The Silver Spoon Effect
01/06/2017 Sylvie Charlot, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon From competition to cooperation : On the spatial effects of a local business tax policy reform in France
18/05/2017 Michele Gori, University of Florence The flow network method
04/05/2017 Nicholas Baigent, University of Graz and LSE Characterisation of a class of extensions of an order on a set to an order on its non-empty multisets with applications to the aggregation of violence, offensive language, racism, and organisational rule-breaking
27-28/04/2017 Workshop francophone « Faire la politique autrement ? Théorie et pratique du choix social »
13/04/2017 Constanze Binder, Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam Walking a Mile in your Shoes : An Escape from Arrovian Impossibilities
30/03/2017 Frank Steffen, University of Bayreuth The Distribution of Power in the Lebanese Parliament Revisited
22-23/03/2017 Takaaki Abe, Camelia Bejan, Pedro Calleja, Michela Chessa, Yukihiko Funaki, Juan Camilo Gómez, Stéphane Gonzalez, Marieke Musegaas, Noemi Navarro, Marina Núñez, Agnieszka Rusinowska, Rafael Treibich, Walter Trockel Workshop : Measures, Axioms, Rights and Stability in Coalitions and Networks
21/03/2017 Desmond Lo, Santa Clara University The Role of Ownership Size and Proximate Customers on Survival : Evidence from Multi-Establishment Restaurants
16/03/2017 Desmond Lo, Santa Clara University Contracting to Dis-Incentivize
09/03/2017 Amos Witztum, LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science The Political Economy of Property Rights : A view from Adam Smith and Henry Maine
02/02/2017 Samia Badji, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon Divestment in Human Capital or the Consequences of Internal Migration in China
26/01/2017 Lise Clain-Chamosset-Yvrard, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, University Lumière Lyon 2 Asset Price Volatility, Wealth Distribution and Spirit of Capitalism : The Role of Heterogeneity
19/01/2017 Michel De Vroey, University of Louvain The Rise of a Mainstream in Economics
15/12/2016 Ludovic Frobert, CNRS, Maison Française d’Oxford Vers l’égalité ou au delà ? Retour aux utopistes de 1848
14/12/2016 Blaise Bachofen, Michel Bellet, Yannick Bosc, Nicolas Eyguésier, Juliette Grange, Joël Ravix, Philippe Solal Workshop "Gouvernement mixte, républicanisme et économie politique"
08/12/2016 Justin Leroux, HEC Montréal Accounting for Needs in Cost Sharing
07/12/2016 Annick Laruelle, University of the Basque Country Proficiency, Attitude and Conventions in Minority Languages
01/12/2016 Sileymane BA, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Jean Monnet University Business land supply and interjurisdictional governance : the French Experience 1980-2014
21-22/11/2016 Giulia Cesari, Michel Grabisch, Christoph Durr, Christophe Bravard, Gaetan Fournier, Emily Tanimura, Miklos Pinter, Dimitry Levando, Encarnacion Algaba, Philippe Solal Workshop "Games and Optimization"
20/10/2016 Camille Hémet, Paris School of Economics, Ecole Normale Supérieure - Paris Next train to the polycentric city : The effect of railroads on subcenter formation
13/10/2016 Pierre-Philippe Combes, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, University of Lyon, ENS Lyon The Costs of Agglomeration : House and Land Prices in French Cities
29/09/2016 Corinne Autant-Bernard, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Jean Monnet University The Role of R&D Collaboration Networks on Regional Knowledge Creation : Evidence from Information and Communication Technologies


Past Seminars 2015-2016, GATE L-SE, Saint-Etienne


Saint-Etienne 19/07/2016 Eric Bahel, Virginia Tech Stable cost sharing in congestion networks
Saint-Etienne 17/06/2016 Nao Saito, Tohoku Gakuin University The Role of Moral Agency in Sen’s Identity Theory
Saint-Etienne 13/06/2016 Samuel Ferey, Université de Lorraine, BETA Les nouvelles représentations économiques du droit : le cas de l’économie comportementale. Séance commune au CERCRID et GATE.
Saint-Etienne 09/06/2016 Frank Steffen, University of Bayreuth Power, Success, and Satisfaction under Management by Exception
Saint-Etienne 26/05/2016 Jordi Jofre Monseny, Universitat de Barcelona & IEB Local labor market effects of public employment
Saint-Etienne 19/05/2016 Bernard Grofman, University of California, Irvine Predicting Outcomes in Five Person Majority Rule. Spatial Voting Game Experiments In Two Dimensions : Comparing Old and New Theories
Saint-Etienne 14/04/2016 Ahmed Doghmi, University Mohammed V of Rabat On Nash Implementability in Allotment Economies under Domain Restrictions with Indifference
Saint-Etienne 07/04/2016 Encarnación Algaba, Sevilla University The Myerson value on network structures
Saint-Etienne 29/03/2016 Tamotsu Nishizawa, Teikyo University, Tokyo An Alternative History of Welfare Economics and Alfred Marshall
Saint-Etienne 24/03/2016 Cintya Lanchimba, National Polytechnic School, Ecuador Optimal Monetary Provisions and Risk Aversion in Plural Form Franchise Networks : A Model of Incentives with Heterogeneous Agents
Saint-Etienne 10/03/2016 Grégoire Rota Graziosi, CERDI, University of Auvergne Implementing Tax Coordination and Harmonization Through Voluntary Commitment
Saint-Etienne 09/03/2016 Hans-Michael Trautwein, University of Oldenburg German Economic Models, Transnationalization and European Imbalances
Saint-Etienne 11/02/2016 Robert Leonard, Université du Québec à Montréal Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory. From Chess to Social Science, 1900–1960
Saint-Etienne 04/02/2016 Clément Gorin, Jean Monnet University What drives inventor’s mobility across European urban areas ?
Saint-Etienne 28/01/2016 Sophie Legras, INRA Dijon Commuting on happyville
Saint-Etienne 26/01/2016 Andrea AGUIRRE, Julien Flaig, Ruben Fotso, Thomas Garcia, Charlotte Saucet, Mengbing Zhu, and Marc Zingbagba Workshop doctorant du GATE
Saint-Etienne 21/01/2016 Remzi Sanver, LAMSADE, University of Paris Dauphine Non-manipulable collective choice with acceptable and unacceptable candidates
Saint-Etienne 17/12/2015 Adrien Lutz, Jean Monnet University Is there a French theory of social justice within the nineteenth century ? The Saint-Simonian case
Saint-Etienne 30/11/2015 Cyril Hédoin, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne Institutions, Rule-Following and Game Theory
Saint-Etienne 23/11/2016 Laurent Gourvès, Zhentao Li, Corinne touati, Frédéric Meunier, Olivier Teytaud Journée "Jeux et Optimisation"
Saint-Etienne 15/10/2015 Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay, London School of Economics CPNSS & Université de Lausanne The normative problem of merit goods
Saint-Etienne 01/10/2015 Lisa Anouliès, University of Paris-Sud, RITM Heterogeneous firms and the environment : a cap-and-trade program


Past Seminars 2014-2015, GATE L-SE, Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne 16/10/2014 Yukio Koriyama The Condorcet Jury Theorem under Cognitive Hierarchies : Theory and Experiments
Saint-Etienne 23/10/2014 Stéphane Riou Bailout policy in a globalized economy
Saint-Etienne 06/11/2014 Ernest Miguelez Inventor Diasporas and the Internationalization of Technology
Saint-Etienne 05-06/12/2014 Org. A. Baujard & N. Barbaroux Atelier 2014 INTERFACE Théories économiques / Histoire des théories
Saint-Etienne 22/01/2015 Laurent Denant-Boemont Transport Costs and Location Choices in Urban Areas : Evidence from Laboratory Experiments
Saint-Etienne 23/01/2015 Marco Guidi Bentham : L’économie politique et la science de la législation
Saint-Etienne 29/01/2015 Marco Guidi Les traductions économiques et la circulation internationale des idées économiques
Saint-Etienne 05/02/2015 Marina Flamand Quelles stratégies peut-on suivre en créant des fonds de Corporate Venture Capital ? Leçons à partir des constructeurs automobiles
Saint-Etienne 26/02/2015 Gilles Campagnolo Influences of German economics on British late-nineteenth century economists, with a special focus on historicism and on its impact on John Neville Keynes’ 1890 The Scope and Method of Political Economy
Saint-Etienne 05/03/2015 Tivadar Mihaï OASIS – un Outil d’Analyse de la Ségrégation et des Inégalités Spatiales
Saint-Etienne 12/03/2015 Mikael Cozic Representation Theorems and the Semantics of Decision-theoretic Concepts
Saint-Etienne 24/03/2015 Sudipta Sarangi Women and Corruption : What Positions Must They Hold to Make a Difference ?
Saint-Etienne 26/03/2015 Stéphane Gonzalez Stabilité des organisations
Saint-Etienne 24/03/2015 Sudipta Sarangi Women and Corruption : What Positions Must They Hold to Make a Difference ?
Saint-Etienne Séminaire reporté à une date ultérieure Eric Monnet The Price of Stability : The balance sheet policy of the Banque de France and the Gold Standard (1880-1914)
Saint-Etienne 04/06/2015 Vianney Dequiedt Local and Consistent Centrality Measures in Networks


Past Seminars 2013-2014, GATE L-SE, Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne 26/09/2013 Izabela Jelovac Drug launch timing and international reference pricing
Saint-Etienne 03/10/2013 Frédéric Jouneau-Sion ‘NEXT’ events : A cooperative game theoretic view to festivals
Saint-Etienne 07/11/2013 Dominique Torre Pierre Quesnay (1897-1937) and the Poincaré stabilization
Saint-Etienne 14/11/2013 Aurélien Eyquem Wars as Large Depreciation Shocks
Saint-Etienne 12/12/2013 Vincent Anesi Bargaining in Standing Committees with an Endogenous Default
Saint-Etienne 09/01/2014 Luca Pensieroso Agriculture to Industry : the End of the Patriarchal Family
Saint-Etienne 21/01/2014 James Lesage What regional scientists need to know about spatial econometrics
Saint-Etienne 06/02/2014 Vincent Merlin Evaluating the likelihood of the referendum paradox for mixed voting systems
Saint-Etienne 13/02/2014 Karine van der Straeten Electoral Alliances in Closed List Proportional Representation Voting Systems with Two Rounds and a Plurality Bonus : Testing Gamson against Bargaining on French 2004/2010 Regional Elections
Saint-Etienne 20/02/2014 André Casajus Towards an evolutionary cooperative game theory : On replicator dynamics derived from TU games
Saint-Etienne 27/02/2014 Alain Marciano Are samaritans more harmful than parasites ? A note on benevolence parasitism and Pareto Optimality
Saint-Etienne 03/04/2014 Xavier Joutard Informed principal and the microcredit market : Is help always bad news ?
Saint-Etienne 04/04/2014 El Mouhoub Mouhoud "Relocalisations d’activités industrielles en France
Saint-Etienne 17/04/2014 Sandye Gloria-Palermo in search of the right tool : from formalism to constructivist modelling
Saint-Etienne 17-18/04/2014 Org. Nicolas Barbaroux Workshop "Past and forward challenges confronting monetary policy"
Saint-Etienne 19/05/2014 Sudipta Sarangi Reducing choice overload without reducing choices
Saint-Etienne 22/05/2014 Béatrice Rey-Fournier Changes in ambiguity - Definition, measures and application
Saint-Etienne 27/05/2014 Martin Sleziak Density measures
Saint-Etienne 26/06/2014 Marie-Laure Breuillé Cooperation with peers : The case of spatial fiscal interactions among French municipalities


Past Seminars 2012-2013, GATE L-SE, Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne 11/10/2012 Philippe Mongin L’agrégation des jugements et ses applications judiciaires et politiques
Saint-Etienne 18/10/2012 Nicolas Houy The Geometry Of Voting Power : Weighted Voting And Hyper-Ellipsoids
Saint-Etienne 13/11/2012 John Weymark Extensive social choice and the measurement of group fitness and biological hierarchies
Saint-Etienne 06/12/2012 Camille Cornand Reducing overreaction to central banks’ disclosures : theory and experiment
Saint-Etienne 17/01/2013 Helène Couprie Do spouses cooperate ? And if not : why ? (revised version) ; Equality-efficiency trade-off within french and german couples ; What if women earned more than their spouse ? an experimental investigation of work division in couples
Saint-Etienne 24/01/2013 Stefano Bosi Ramsey equilibrium, existence, efficiency, bubbles, hetero- geneous agents, endogenous labor supply, borrowing constraint
Saint-Etienne 01/02/2013 Emilie Dargaud Politique de la concurrence, organisation industrielle
Saint-Etienne 14/02/2013 Sylvie Rivot History of economic thought, Keynes, Monetarism
Saint-Etienne 21/02/2013 Quentin Frère Econométrie spatiale, Test de l’effet Zoo
Saint-Etienne & Ecully 13 & 14/03/13 Workshop of economic geography
Saint-Etienne 21/03/2013 Elodie Bertrand History of economic thought, Ronald H. Coase, opportunity cost, subjectivity, firm, social cost, marginal cost pricing, accounting
Saint-Etienne 28/03/2013 Emmanuel Duguet Econometrie, Marché du travail, Innovation
Saint-Etienne 13/05/2013 Sudipta Sarangui An Experimental Investigation of Simultaneous Multibattle Contests with Complementarities
Saint-Etienne 16/05/2013 Josef Windsperger Franchising


Past Seminars 2011-2012, GATE L-SE, Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne 13/10/2011 Francis Bloch Learning and Collusion in New Markets with Uncertain Entry Costs
Saint-Etienne 01/12/2011 Annick Laruelle Quaternary dichotomous voting rules
Saint-Etienne 15/12/2011 Sonia Paty The impact of inter-municipal cooperation on local public spending
Saint-Etienne 19/01/2012 Aristide Valeu On Anscombe’s paradox and vote trading
Saint-Etienne 26-28/01/ 2012 Eurolio European Seminar, Geography of innovation
Saint-Etienne 02/02/2012 Philippe Askenazy Financial Constraints and Foreign Market Entries or Exits : Firm Level Evidence from France
Saint-Etienne 09/02/2012 José de Sousa Terrorism Networks and Trade : Does the Neighbor Hurt ?
Saint-Etienne 19/03/2012 Alain Marciano Interdisciplinarity and the emergence of law and economics at Chicago in the early 1960s
Saint-Etienne 01/03/2012 Patrizia Peréz-Asurmendi Collective transitivity in majorities based on difference in support
Saint-Etienne 08/03/2012 Skerdilajda Zanaj Migrations, public goods and taxes
Saint-Etienne 16/03/2012 Marjolein Harmsen Diffusion via endogenously and strategically formed networks
Saint-Etienne 29/03/2012 Arnaud Orain The Second Jansenism and Eighteenth-Century-France Political Economy : Around the Gournay Circle
Saint-Etienne 26/04/2012 Claire Silvant Inheritance and Property Rights in the mid-19th Century French Liberal Thought
Saint-Etienne 03/05/2012 Benny Geys Party Cues in Elections under Multilevel Governance : Theory and Evidence from US States
Saint-Etienne 10-11/05/2012 Journées de l’AFSE
Saint-Etienne 14/06/2012 Sandrine Noblet Coordination costs and location : multiple equilibria with specialization trap
Saint-Etienne 21/06/2012 Stefano Usai The complementary effects of proximity dimensions on knowledge spillovers



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