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Chaudey Magali

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Full Professor in Economics

Director of the University Institute of Technology, Saint-Etienne

Contact :


Fields of research : Contract, Applied Econometrics, Distribution Networks, Competitiveness Clusters, Performance.

Recent Publications :

2020 - "Do retailers benefit from network affiliation in all locations?”, Economics Bulletin, n°40, vol.2, 1623-1633 (M. Fadairo and F. Perdreau).

2019 - "Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance in Franchise Networks: The Mediating Role of Innovation”, Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, n°4, vol.18, 193-220 (with A-L Le Nadant, F. Perdreau, M. Fadairo).

2018 - "Impact sur l’emploi de la participation aux projets de R&D des pôles de compétitivité, Méthode et résultats", Revue d’Économie Industrielle, volume 162, 75-100 (with M. Dessertine).

2018 - "Contract Duration and Contractual Learning: Evidence from Franchising Networks", Managerial and Decision Economics, volume 37, issue 2, 240-252 (with F. Perdreau, O. Chanut and M. Fadairo).

2017 - “Performance in Franchising Networks”, Handbook of Research on Franchising, Ed. F. Hoy, R. Perrigot, A. Terry. Edward Elgar, (with M. Fadairo).

2017 - “Strategic Groups in the French Franchising Sector”, in J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, Th. Ehrmann, G. Hendrikse (Eds.), Interfirm Networks Franchising, cooperatives and Strategic Alliances, Springer International Publishing with (S. Bouzid, M. Fadairo, F. Perdreau).

2015 - "The Dynamics of Contractual Design: Determinants of Contract
Duration in Franchising Networks", in J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, T.Ehrmann, G. Hendrikse (eds), Interfirm Networks, Cooperatives, Franchising and Strategic Alliances, Springer (with O. Chanut, M. Fadairo, and F. Perdreau).

2014 - Analyse économique de la firme, Armand Colin, Collection Cursus.

2013 - "Network integration through franchised and company-owned chains : evidence from French distribution networks", Managerial and Decision Economics, Volume 34, Issue 3-5, 195-203, April-July, (with M. Fadairo and G.Solard, INSEE).

2010 - "Contractual design and networks performance : empirical evidence from franchising", Applied Economics, 42, 529-533, (with M. Fadairo).

2008 - "Contractual design as a determinant of performance, evidence from franchising", International Journal of the Economics of Business, 15: 1, 117-127, (with M. Fadairo).

2007 - "Restrictions verticales et réputation des réseaux de franchise. Un travail empirique sur données françaises", Revue Economique, 58: 4, 891-914, (with M. Fadairo).

2006 - "Restrictions verticales et externalité intra-marque en matière d’effort promotionnel : un test empirique sur données françaises", Revue d’Économie Politique, 116: 6, 807-830, (with M. Fadairo).

Work in Progress :

2020 - "Location of Franchise Networks in the United States. What lessons for networks strategie?" (with S. Bouzid).

2019 - "Blockchain and Smart-contract : a pioneering Approach of inter-firms Relationships ? The case of franchise networks" (with R. Baron).

2019 - “Social Capital and Innovation: The Case of French Competitiveness Clusters" (with M. Dessertine).