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Msc Program "Economics and Finance"

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International Fellowships - Master in Economic Analysis and Policy

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Coordination :

Main secretary :
Yamina MANSOURI, GATE Lyon-St Etienne


Msc committee :
Lise CLAIN-CHAMOSSET-YVRARD, Assistant Professor at University Lumière Lyon 2
Béatrice REY-FOURNIER, Professor at University Lumière Lyon 2
Philippe SOLAL, Professor at University Jean Monnet, St Etienne
François LE GRAND, Professor at EM Lyon Business School
Nicolas BARBAROUX, Professor at University Jean Monnet, St Etienne

Administration :
Yamina MANSOURI, Ecully [APE et MBFA]
Valérie MOULARD, Saint-Etienne [APE]
Aurélie SAPIN, EM Lyon Business School
Isabelle RIVATON, Saint-Etienne [MBFA]

Objectives :
The Master 2 Economics and Finance is a joint research-oriented Msc program at University Lumière Lyon 2, University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne and EM Lyon Business School. It provides both theoretical and empirical training in core fields of economics and finance : macroeconomics, microeconomics, game theory, corporate finance, financial markets, behavioral and experiemental economics, public and spatial economics. The program encompasses the most recent research methods, techniques and concepts that are essential to the understanding of the most recent scientific productions in the described fields. The focus on linking theoretical approaches with the analysis of practical economic or financial issues is probably the main feature of the program. Our graduates can thereafter choose between academic careers and professional positions depending on job opportunities, abilities and preferences.

Admission :
We consider applications from holders of any of the following degrees :

  • First year of Master APE Analysis and Policy in Economics at University Lumière Lyon 2 and at Unversity of Saint-Etienne
  • First year of Master MBFA (Monnaie Banque Finance Assurance) at University Lumière Lyon 2 and at Unversity of Saint-Etienne
  • First year Master degree (M1) in quantitative or formal economics or econometrics
  • French titles of M1 proceeding from Grandes Ecoles
  • Any 4-year formal/mathematical/quantitative degree provided the applicant has a well-constructed research project in economics.

Job opportunities :
Former students of the program are now :

  • Professors or researchers in academic and research departments at Universities or international institutions
  • Professionals in research departments in financial and non-financial companies
  • Advisers in management consultancies (company and institution reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, competition, innovation, public policy)
  • Executives in financial companies or financial departments of manufacturing firms

Organization :
Courses are all in English. Students acquire basic and advanced knowledge in quantitative economics and finance during the 1st Term (September to February). They apply these tools and competences during the 2nd Term (February to June) to write a research paper, which is publicly defended by the end of June.

Basics (choose 4 among 6)

  • Microeconomics (21h)
  • Macroeconomics (21h)
  • Econometrics (21h)
  • Financial Markets (21h)
  • Corporate Finance (21h)
  • Behavioral Economics (21h)

Tools and Methods

  • Research Methods (9h)
  • Epistemology (12h)

Advanced (choose 3 among 7)

  • Advanced Econometrics - 36h (joint APE and MBFA)
    • Dynamic Panels
    • Qualitative Data Analysis
    • Advanced Time Series
    • Bayesian Econometrics
  • Advanced Macroeconomics - 36h (MBFA)
    • Monetary Economics
    • International Macroeconomics
    • Dynamic Problems and Coordination
  • Advanced Financial Markets - 36h (MBFA)
    • Asset Pricing : Theory
    • Asset Pricing : Empirics
    • Behavioral Finance
  • Advanced Corporate Finance - 36h (MBFA)
    • Corporate Finance : Theory
    • Corporate Finance : Empirics
    • Information Economics
  • Advanced Microeconomics - 36h (APE)
    • Cooperative games
    • Non-cooperative games
    • Information Economics
    • Industrial Organisation
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics - 36h (APE)
    • Psychology of Decision Making
    • Incentives and Social Preferences
    • Behavioural Finance
    • Experimental Methods
  • Spatial Economics and Public Policy - 36h (APE)
    • Urban and Regional Economics
    • Geography of Innovation
    • Evaluation of Public Policies
    • Public Finance

Institutions and supporting research centers :
The Master 2 Money Finance Governance is a joint program proposed by :

Further, the program is supported by the following reaseach centers :

Team :
The faculty consists of specialists in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, behavioral economics, banking and finance, public economics, economy geography, game theory from the supporting universities and or the associated research centers. All are active researchers in their fields and publish in high-quality journals on a regular basis.

Application Timing and Forms :
Application forms are available here :

Information for students :