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Moumjid-Ferdjaoui Nora

Current position  :
- Associate Professor (MCU-HDR), Pharmaceutical Public Health Department, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University
- Board Member of the French Health Economists Association (CES)
- Co-coordinator of the Axis Social Sciences and Economics in Health of the ARC 1 Health, Rhone-Alps Region

Contact  : ;

Fields of interest :

- Healthcare consumers’ preferences
- Decision aids
- Shared decision-making in the physician-patient encounter
- Risk perception in health

Work in progress - Research projects headed by Nora Moumjid :

- Development of an interactive decision board to assess cancer patients’ willingness to pay for home care vs hospital care (Funded by the French National League Against Cancer) with V. Buthion (Lyon 2 University), F. Chauvin (Jean Monnet University), A. Gafni (McMaster University), J. Margier - PhD Student (Supervisor : Nora Moumjid) ; S. David-Tchouda (Grenoble University Hospital).

- Eliciting mens’ preferences for PSA using a decision aid in Switzerland, Canada and France. (Funded by the Cancéropôle Rhône-Alpes Auvergne) with J. Carretier (Léon Bérard Comprehensive Cancer Centre), J. Cornuz (Lausanne University Hospital), M. Labrecque (Laval University), F. Légaré (Laval University), K. Selby (Lausanne University Hospital).

- Individual risk perception in cancer related to environment (Funded by the ARC 1 Rhône-Alps Region) with J. Carretier (Léon Bérard Comprehensive Cancer Centre), C. Charles (McMaster University), A. Gafni (McMaster University) , M. Genton - PhD Student (Supervisor : Nora Moumjid).

- For an economic analysis of shared decision-making in the physician-patient encounter with C. Charles and A. Gafni (McMaster University).

- French Collaboration on Decision-Making in health (FREeDOM) with François Blot (Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute), Julien Carretier (Léon Bérard Comprehensive Cancer Centre) and Giovanna Marsico (Cancer Contribution) in France, France Légaré and Michel Labrecque in Canada (Laval University), Jacques Cornuz, Kevin Selby and Auer Reto in Switzerland (Lausanne University Hospital).

Selected recent publications

- Coulter A, Härter M, Moumjid-Ferdjaoui N, Perestelo-Perez L, Trudy van der Weijden T. European Experience with Shared Decision Making. International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, in press, 2015.
- Durif-Bruckert C, Roux P, Morelle M, Faure C, Mignotte M, Moumjid N. Shared decision making in medical encounters regarding breast cancer treatment : The contribution of methodological triangulation. European Journal of Cancer Care. 2014 Jul 18. doi : 10.1111/ecc.12214. [Epub ahead of print].
- Nguyen F, Moumjid N, Charles C, Gafni A, Whelan T, Carrère MO. Treatment decision-making in the medical encounter : Comparing the attitudes of French surgeons and their patients in breast cancer care. Patient Education and Counseling 2014 Feb ;94(2):230-7.
- Légaré F, Moumjid-Ferdjaoui N, Drolet R, Stacey D, Härter M, Bastian H, Beaulieu MD, Borduas F, Charles C, Coulter A, Desroches S, Friedrich G, Gafni A, GrahamID, Labrecque M, Leblanc A, Légaré J, Politi M, Sargeant J, Thomson R.Core competencies for shared decision making training programs : insights from an international, interdisciplinary working group. Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professions. 2013 Sep ;33(4):267-73.

Selected chapters published in books, letters

- Carretier J, Moumjid N, Fervers B, Philip. Adaptation in French oncology practice guidelines to patients : patient versions and patient involvement in the development process of guidelines. Letter in British Medical Journal Quality and Safety, March 2014.
- Moumjid N, Mignotte H. La prise de décision partagée dans le cancer du sein. In Les maladies du sein. Editions Elsevier/Masson. 2011.
- Protière C, Moumjid N, Malavolti L, Le Corroller-Soriano AG. Les comportements de recherche d’information des patients in La vie deux ans après le diagnostic de cancer. La Documentation Française, Paris ; 2008.
- Bouhnik AB, Moumjid N, Protière C. L’implication des patients dans les choix des traitements in La vie deux ans après le diagnostic de cancer. La Documentation Française, Paris ; 2008.