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Démurger Sylvie

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Last updated : May 2020

- Research Professor, CNRS
- Deputy Scientific Director, Europe and international affairs, Institute for Social and Human Sciences (InSHS), CNRS, Paris
- Scientific coordinator, LIA CHINEQ, 2014-217
- Adjunct Professor, Beijing Normal University (China)
- Research Fellow, IZA, Bonn (Germany)
- Research Fellow, CIID (China Institute for Income Distribution), Beijing Normal University (China)
- Member, IMU Laboratory of Excellence (“Intelligence on Urban Worlds”)
- Member, European Research Development Network (EUDN)
- Associate Researcher, CEPREMAP Program “International trade and development”.
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Fields of interest Work in progress Publications LIA CHINEQ

Fields of interest

- Development economics
- Labor economics
- Economics of migration
- Inequality
- Applied econometrics
- Asian countries (China)

Work in progress / Working papers

  • Employer Learning and the Dynamics of Returns to Universities : Evidence from Chinese Elite Education during University Expansion, with E. A. Hanushek & L. Zhang, NBER Working Paper No. 25955, May 2020.
  • Can Minimum Wages Reduce Poverty ? Evidence from Urban China, with C. Lin, A. D. Schmillen & D. Wang.
  • Migration, family living arrangements and subjective well-being in China, with S. Li & H. Xu.
  • Wealth effects on consumption in China : New evidence from micro data, with S. Li & M. Zhu.
  • Left-behind children in China : Parental choice versus institutional constraints, with S. Li & H. Xu.
  • Earnings differentials between migrant and local workers in urban China, with L. Zhang.
  • Family background and income inequality in China.
  • Housing wealth and household consumption : Evidence from China, with Y. Li.
  • Labour market outcomes of ethnic minorities in urban China, April 2015.

Selected publications

- Unequal migration and urbanisation gains in China, with Pierre-Philippe Combes, Li Shi & Wang Jianguo, Journal of Development Economics, 2020, 142.

- Internal migration, agriculture and rural development in China. Background paper prepared for The State of Food and Agriculture 2018 : Migration, agriculture and rural development, 2018.

- Productivity Gains from Agglomeration and Migration in the People’s Republic of China between 2002 and 2013, with Pierre-Philippe Combes & Li Shi, Asian Development Review, 2017, 34(2), 1-17.

- Remittances and expenditure patterns of the left behinds in rural China, with Wang Xiaoqian, China Economic Review, 2016, 37, 177-190.

- Migration and families left behind, IZA World of Labor, April 2015.

- Left-behind children and return migration in China, with Xu Hui, IZA Journal of Migration, 2015, 4:10.

- Volunteer and satisfied ? Rural households’ participation in a payments for environmental services programme in Inner Mongolia, with Adeline Pelletier, Ecological Economics, 2015, 116, 25-33.

- Migration externalities in Chinese cities, with Pierre-Philippe Combes and Li Shi, European Economic Review, 2015, 76, 152-167.

- Pro-rural policies, income and inequality : Evaluating a cash-for-work program in rural China, with Chen Yu, Asian Economic Papers, 2014, 13(3), 87-114.

- Infrastructure in China, in the Oxford Companion to the Economics of China, ed. by S. Fan, . Kanbur, S.-J. Wei & X. Zhang, Oxford University Press, 2014, 348-352.

- Migration, remittances and rural employment patterns : Evidence from China, with Li Shi, Research in Labor Economics, 2013, 37:31-63.

- Payments for ecological restoration and internal migration in China : The Sloping Land Conversion Program in Ningxia, with Wan Haiyuan, IZA Journal of Migration, 2012, 1:10.

- Mapping modes of rural labour migration in China, in Rebalancing and Sustaining Growth in China, ed. by H. McKay & L. Song, ANU E-Press, 2012, 207-223.

- Earnings differentials between the public and private sectors in China : Exploring changes for urban local residents in the 2000s, with Li Shi & Yang Juan, China Economic Review, 2012, 23(1):138-153.

- Return migrants : The rise of new entrepreneurs in rural China, with Xu Hui, World Development, 2011, 39(10):1847-1861.

- Poverty and firewood consumption : A case study of rural households in northern China, with Martin Fournier, China Economic Review, 2011, 22(4):512-523.

- Editorial - Rural Migrants : On the Fringe of the City, a Bridge to the Countryside, China Perspectives, 2010-4. View the Content of the Special Issue.
[Editorial - Les migrants ruraux : en marge des villes, un pont avec les campagnes].

- Rural households’ decisions towards income diversification : Evidence from a township in northern China, with Martin Fournier & Yang Weiyong, China Economic Review, 2010, 21:S32-S44.

- Migrants as second-class workers in urban China ? A decomposition analysis, with Marc Gurgand, Li Shi & Yue Ximing, Journal of Comparative Economics, 2009, 37(4):610-628.

- Discrimination et libéralisation : Les femmes sur le marché du travail dans la Chine urbaine, with Chen Yi & Martin Fournier, Revue Française d’Economie, 2009, 24(1):207-238.

- Forest management policies and resource balance in China : an assessment of the current situation, with Hou Yuanzhao & Yang Weiyong, The Journal of Environment and Development, 2009, 18(1):17-41.

- The evolution of gender earnings gaps and discrimination in urban China, 1988-95, with Chen Yi & Martin Fournier, The Developing Economies, 2007, 45(1):97-121.

- Economic liberalization and rising segmentation in China’s urban labor market, with Martin Fournier, Li Shi & Wei Zhong, Asian Economic Papers, 2006, 5(3):58-101.

- Urban income inequality in China revisited, 1988-2002, with Martin Fournier & Li Shi, Economics Letters, 2006, 93(3):354-359.

- Economic changes and afforestation incentives in rural China, with Yang Weiyong, Environment and Development Economics, 2006, 11(5):629-649.

- Earnings differentials and ownership structure in Chinese enterprises, with Chen Yi & Martin Fournier, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2005, 53(4):933-958.

Cooperation with the Business School, Beijing Normal University


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