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Villeval Marie Claire


- Director of GATE Lyon St Etienne
- Research Professor, CNRS
- IZA Research Fellow, Bonn (Germany)
- Member of the CORTEX Laboratory of Excellence (Construction, Cognitive Function, Rehabilitation and Repair of the Cortex)
- Vice-President Europe and Officer of the Economic Science Association (ESA)
- Chair of the nomination committee of the European Association of Labour Economics
- Former President of the French Economic Association (AFSE)
- Founding President of the French Association of Experimental Economics (ASFEE)
- Associate Editor of Experimental Economics, the Journal of Public Economic Theory, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and the Australian Journal of Labour Economics

- Contact :

Fields of interest :

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Personnel Economics
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Public Economics

Work in progress :

  • Moral hypocrisy and social preferences, with A. Rustichini
  • Ingratiation and favoritism, with S. Robin and A. Rusinowska
  • Losing face, with T. Eriksson and L. Mao
  • Self-image and donations : a neuro-economic approach, with L. Butera, J.C. Dreher, E. Metereau
  • Lie aversion, with J. van de Veen
  • Quitting and peer effects, with R. Slonim and J. Rosaz
  • Peer effects at work, with J. Beugnot, B. Fortin, G. Lacroix
  • Gender and cooperativeness, with P. Kuhn
  • Competitiveness and mentoring, with S. Ertac
  • Preferences for teamwork, with D. Cooper and K. Saral
  • Intergenerational teams and overconfidence, with T. Madies and M. Wasmer
  • Risk attitudes and insurance, with G. Charness and T. Offerman
  • Time preferences and ego depletion, with M. and P. Kuhn
  • Social preferences, risk attitudes and migrations : field experiments in China, with L. Hao, D. Houser, L. Mao,
  • Trust, risk and time preferences in Vietnam, with Q. N’Guyen and H. Xu
  • Intermittent rewards and sanctions, with Z. Dai and R. Hogarth
  • Fiscal and social fraud, with M. Lefebvre, P. Pestieau, A. Riedl
  • Social insurance and rationing, with L. Levy-Garboua, C. Montmarquette and J. Vaksmann

Selected recent publications :

  • E. Arbak, M.C. Villeval (2012). Endogenous Leadership : Selection and Influence. Forthcoming in Social Choice and Welfare.
  • D. Masclet, C. Noussair, M.C. Villeval (2012). Threats and sanctions in VCM games. Forthcoming in Economic Inquiry.
  • M.C. Villeval (2012). Contribution au bien public et préférences sociales (Contribution to public goods and social preferences). Presidential address, 60th Congress of the French Economic Association (AFSE). Revue Economique, 63 (3), 389-420.
  • D. Dickinson, M.C. Villeval (2012). Job allocation rules and sorting efficiency : Experimental Outcomes in a Peter Principle Environment. Southern Economic Journal, 78(3), 842-859.
  • N. Datta Gupta, A. Poulsen, M.C. Villeval.(2012) Gender and Competitiveness. Experimental Evidence. Forthcoming in Economic Inquiry.
  • Ch. Plott, J.L., Rulliere, M.C. Villeval (2011). Introduction to the special issue on Behavioral and Experimental Public Economics. Journal of Public Economic Theory. 13 (5), 631-637.
  • A. Cabrales, G. Charness, M.C. Villeval (2011). Competition, Hidden Information and Efficiency : An Experiment. Experimental Economics 14(2), 133-159.
  • Coricelli, G., Joffily, M., Montmarquette, C., Villeval, M.C. (2010). Cheating, emotions, and rationality : an experiment on tax evasion. Experimental Economics, 13, 226-247.
  • Clark, A., Masclet, D., Villeval, M.C. (2010). Effort and Comparison Income. Experimental and Survey Evidence. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 63(3), 407-426.

  • Charness, G., Villeval, M.C. (2009). Cooperation, Competition, and Risk Attitudes : An Intergenerational Field and Laboratory Experiment, American Economic Review, 99 (3), 956–978.

  • Eriksson, T., Poulsen, A., Villeval, M.C. (2009). Feedback and Incentives : Experimental Evidence. Labour Economics, 16 (6), 679-688.

  • Masclet, D., Villeval, M.C. (2008). Punishment, Welfare and Inequality : A Public Good Experiment. Social Choice and Welfare 31(3), 475-502.

  • Eriksson, T., Villeval, M.C. (2008). Other-Regarding Preferences and Performance Pay. An Experiment on Incentives and Sorting, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 68, 412-421.

  • Dickinson, D., Villeval, M.C. (2008). Does Monitoring Decrease Work Effort ? The Complementarity Between Agency and Crowding-Out Theories. Games and Economic Behavior. 63, 56-76.

  • Fortin, B., Lacroix G., Villeval M.C. (2007). Tax Evasion and Social Interactions. Journal of Public Economics, 91, 2089–2112.

  • Montmarquette, C., Rullière, J.L., Villeval M.C., Zeiliger, R. (2004). « Redesigning Teams and Incentives in a Merger : An Experiment with Managers and Students », Management Science, 50 (10), 1379-1389.

  • Masclet, D., Noussair, C., Tucker, S., Villeval, M.C. (2003). “Monetary and Non-Monetary Punishment in the Voluntary Contributions Mechanism”, American Economic Review, 93 (1), 366-380.

    Recent unpublished Working Papers :
  • (2011). Kuhn P., Villeval, M.C. Do Women Prefer a Co-operative Work Environment ? IZA Discussion Paper 5999, Bonn, and GATE WP 11-27.(2011). Rosaz, J., Villeval, M.C. Lies and Biased Evaluation : A real-Effort Experiment. IZA Discussion Paper 5884, Bonn, and GATE WP 11-24.
  • (2011). Lefebvre, M., Pestieau, P., Riedl, A., Villeval, M.C. Tax Evasion, Welfare Fraud, and « The Broken Windows » Effect : An Experiment in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. IZA Discussion Paper 5609, Bonn ; GATE WP 11-16 ; Netspar Discussion Paper No. 02/2011-110
  • (2010). R.M Hogarth, M.C. Villeval. Intermittent Reinforcement and the Persistence of Behavior : Experimental Evidence. IZA Discussion Paper 5103, Bonn, and GATE WP 10-18.
  • (2010). G. Charness, D. Masclet, M.C. Villeval. Competitive Preferences and Status as an Incentive : Experimental Evidence. IZA Discussion Paper 5034, Bonn, CIRANO Scientific Publications 2011s-07, and GATE WP 10-16.
  • (2010). M. Joffily, D. Masclet, C. Noussair, M.C. Villeval. Emotions, Sanctions, and Cooperation. GATE. CIRANO Scientific Publications 2011s-12. IZA Discussion Paper 5592, Bonn