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Research Master/M2 Economics and Finance

A master in Analysis and Policy in Economics

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The Research Master/M2R Economics and Finance is a program for and by research in applied microeconomics as practiced in academia, large firms or civil service. It is a one-year program, at level M2. [1]

The focus is on mastering the most advanced tools and methods, particularly in the realms of game theory and collective choices, from the economy of innovation to urban policy and econometrics. It is supported by the GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne GATE research laboratory (UMR 5824). The aim is to understand recent developments in research from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, and to be able to contribute to them. At the end of the Masters 2 course, students will be equipped to continue in the field of higher education and research or to work in the research facilities of financial and non-financial companies, as specialised consultants in the field of competition, innovation, public policy, or in high-level positions in major companies and local authorities.

The Fall term consists in to acquire tools in domains of contemporary quantitative microeconomics (or macroeconomics).

4 courses to choose from :

- Microeconomics (21 h)
- Macroeconomics (21 h)
- Financial markets (21 h)
- Corporate finance (21 h)
- Behavioural economics (21 h)
- Econometrics (21 h)

3 modules have to be chosen from :

- Advanced Econometrics (Dynamics Panels, Qualitative Data Analysis, Advanced Time Series, Bayesian Econometrics) 36 h

- Advanced Microeconomics (Cooperative and non-cooperative games, Information Economics, Industrial Organisation) 36 h

- Behavioural and Experimental Economics (Psychology of Decision Making, Incentives and Social Preferences, Behavioural Finance, Experimental Methods) 36 h

- Spatial Economics and Public Policy (Urban & Regional Economics, Geography of Innovation, Evaluation of Public Policies, Public Finance) 36 h

- Possibility of additional modules in Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Corporate Finance and Advanced Financial Markets.

- Research Methods (9 h)
- Epistemology (12 h)

All courses are in English.

In the Spring term, the students apply these tools in a professionalizing research experience. They write a research report, that is evaluated in a public defense by the end of June.

This master is designed to train students to become autonomous researchers. The career prospects are in research, following three broad ways : Academic PhD, professional PhD or, directly, analyst in the domain of research of their Internship.
The Internship allows the students to acquire a professional experience in research and to develop a network in their elected field of application. Such an involvement creates employment opportunities, but also favors CIFRE PhD. [2]

GAEXA is hosted at, and supported by, the GATE CNRS research center, top-level French research center.
Hosting at the GATE research center allows the students to be in close contact with applied research in economics : presence of the researchers and PhD students, local conferences, seminar series, laboratory experiments,...
Courses take place at the two main sites of the research center, in Lyon, Saint Etienne but also in ENS Lyon.

Applicants in possession of any one of the following degrees will be considered for admission :
- 1st year of Master APE Analysis and Policy in Economics of University of lyon 2 and of Université St-Etienne,
- First year master degree (M1) in quantitative or formal economics or econometrics,
- French titles of M1 proceeding from Grandes Ecoles,
- Any 4-year formal/mathematical/quantitative degree provided the applicant has a well-constructed research project in economics.

TARGET GROUP SIZE : 12 students

Practical Issues : Administration, Housing, Fellowships...

Faculty : Our research themes

Resources : Laboratory, Data, Software...
Directors & Informal Inquiries
- Aurélien Eyquem, Prof. at Université Lumière Lyon 2,
- Philippe Solal, Prof. at Université Jean Monnet,

Last updated : March, 3, 2016

[1it was formerly the Research M.Sc. GAEXA.

[2A CIFRE PhD is a 3-year paid contract between a private or public employer to undertake research jointly with a public research center.