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Jelovac Izabela

  • CNRS researcher
  • Ph.D. from Autonomous University of Barcelona (1998)

Research Interests

  • Health economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Incentives and contract theory


  • I. Jelovac, F. Vandeninden (2014). How should donors give foreign aid ? A theoretical comparison of aid modalities. European Journal of Development Research. Forthcoming.
  • M. Allard, I. Jelovac, P.T. Léger (2014). Payment mechanism and GP self-selection : Capitation versus fee for service. International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics. Forthcoming.
  • I. Jelovac (2014) Primary Care, Gatekeeping, and Incentives. In : Anthony J. Culyer (ed.), Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Vol 3. San Diego : Elsevier. pp. 142-145.
  • M. Allard, I. Jelovac, P.T. Léger (2011). Treatment and referral decisions under different physician payment mechanisms. Journal of Health Economics 30(5), 880-893.
  • B. Garcia-Mariñoso, I. Jelovac, P. Olivella (2011). External referencing and pharmaceutical price negotiation. Health Economics 20(6), 737-756.
  • K. Habbani, W. Groot, I. Jelovac (2007). Do free of charge public health services impede the cost recovery policies in Khartoum state of Sudan ? Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 13(4), 939-952.
  • K. Habbani, W. Groot, I. Jelovac (2006). Household health-seeking behaviour in Khartoum, Sudan : the willingness to pay for public health services if these services are of good quality. Health Policy 75, 140-158.
  • P.P. Barros, B. Garcia-Mariñoso, I. Jelovac, X. Martinez-Giralt, P. Olivella (2006). Competition in Health Provision and Insurance. Madrid, Fundacion BBVA.
  • I. Jelovac, C. Bordoy (2005). Pricing and welfare implications of parallel imports in the pharmaceutical industry. International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics 5(1), 5-21.
  • B. Garcia-Mariñoso, I. Jelovac (2003). GP’s payment contracts and their referral practice. Journal of Health Economics 22(4), 617-635.
  • I. Jelovac, I. Macho-Stadler (2002). Comparing organizational structures in health services. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 49(4), 501-522.
  • I. Jelovac (2001). Physicians’ payment contracts, treatment decisions and diagnosis accuracy. Health Economics 10(1), 9-25.

Working Papers

  • Demand-side cost sharing versus supply-side cost sharing : Patients’ preferences (with P. Polomé).

14th EHEW

  • May 24 & 25, 2013
  • Lyon (Ecully), France



- GATE Lyon-St Etienne
93 chemin des Mouilles - 69130 Ecully
bus n°55 from the stop Perrache to the stop Lyon Campus Ouest (last stop). For the timetable, click here.

Getting to the Perrache area

- From St Exupery airport

By public transport : Take the Rhone Express (a tramway) from St Exupéry to Vaulx en Velin-La Soie, and then Metro A to Perrache where the hotels are located.
You can buy a ticket for the Rhone Express online (it is cheaper that way) :

A taxi drive from St Exupery to Perrache costs about 50 €.

- From Part-Dieu train station

By public transport : Direct tramway ride with T1 from stop Gare Part Dieu Vivier Merle to Perrache (direction Hôtel de région Montrochet)


- Hotel Hotelo
37 cours de Verdun-Récamier - 69002 Lyon
stop Perrache (bus, metro and train)