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Tarroux Benoît

Prof. Université Lumière Lyon 2

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research interests

My research lies at the intersection of behavioral and experimental economics and social choice.

My recent projects focus on the value individuals place on procedures of individual and collective choice : freedom of choice, democracy and collective deliberation. I have also projects on individual decision-making in situations of proliferation of choices. Finally, I am also interested in assessing people’s perception of social justice.

published papers

Le goût des autres : une étude expérimentale sur la conformité, with Fabrice Le Lec and Marianne Lumeau, Revue Économique, 2017, vol. 68 : 773-784.

Robust normative evaluation of socially risky situations, with Nicolas Gravel, Social Choice and Welfare, 2015, vol. 44 : 257-282.

Comparing Two-Dimensional Distributions : A Questionnaire-Experimental Approach, Social Choice and Welfare, 2015, vol. 44 : 87-108.

Are equalization payments making Canadians better off ? A two-dimensional dominance answer, Journal of Economic Inequality, 2012, vol. 10, pp. 19-44.

Freedom-based measurement of living standard, with Nicolas Gravel, Annals of Economics and Statistics / Annales d’Economie et Statistiques, 2011, vol. 101-102, pp. 37-70.

Robust international comparisons of distributions of disposable income and regional public goods, with Nicolas Gravel and Patrick Moyes, Economica, 2009, vol. 76, pp. 432-461.

A robust normative evaluation of India’s performance in allocating risks of death, with Nicolas Gravel and Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Indian Growth and Development Review, 2008, vol. 1, pp 95-111.

working papers

On attitude towards choice : Some experimental evidence of choice attitude, with Fabrice Le Lec (conditionally accepted).

The value of tax progressivity : Evidence from survey experiment, Working Paper CREM 2017-13 (R&R, 1st round).

Are citizens grateful for enhancing freedom of choice ? with Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde and Fabrice Le Lec.

On the roots of the intrinsic value of decision rights : Evidence from France and Japan, with João V. Ferreira and Nobuyuki Hanaki, Working Paper GREDEG 2017-29 / Working Paper CREM 2017-11 (R&R, 1st round).

Choice or information overload ?, with Fabrice Le Lec and Marianne Lumeau, Working Paper CREM 2016-07.

Liberal or paternalistic preferences ? An experimental test, with Fabrice Le Lec.

Confiance et mixité sociale : une expérience de terrain, with Pascaline Vincent.

Segregation by income in large French cities, with Pascaline Vincent et F. Chantreuil, Working Paper CREM 2012-20.

on-going projects

The effect of group deliberation on redistributive preferences, with Joao V. Ferreira and Erik Schokkaert.

Consumption, conformity, with Fabrice Le Lec and Marianne Lumeau.

Preference for freedom : an international comparison, with Joao V. Ferreira, Nobuyuki Hanaki, Fabrice Le Lec and Erik Schokkaert.

grant : ANR ValFree

Assessing the value of freedom : An experimental approach
Agence Nationale de la Recherche (Jan. 2017-Dec. 2020) :
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