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Godard Mathilde

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  • Research fields : Applied Microeconomics : Health, Labour and Family Economics.
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Work in Progress

  • "Experience Rating in Disability Insurance and Employment Selectivity", joint with Eve Caroli and Pascale Lengagne.

Working Papers

  • Godard, M., P. Koning and M. Lindeboom (2020) "Application and Award Responses to Stricter Screening in Disability Insurance", GATE WP 2012.
  • Rossi P. and M. Godard (2019) : "The old-age security motive for fertility : Evidence from the extension of social pensions in Namibia", GATE WP 1933.
  • Engdahl, M., M. Godard and O. N. Skans (2018) "Early Labor Market Prospects and Family Formation", GATE WP 1835.


  • Garrouste C. and M. Godard (2016) "The lasting health impact of leaving school in a bad economy : Britons in the 1970s recession", Health Economics, Vol. 25, Issue S2, pp 70–92 [Link] [WP]
  • Godard M. (2016) : "Gaining weight through retirement ? Results from the SHARE survey", Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 45, pp 27–46 [Link] [WP]
  • Caroli, E. and M. Godard (2016) : "Does Job Insecurity Deteriorate Health ?", Health Economics, Vol. 25, Issue 2, pp 131-147 [Link] [WP]


Master Advanced Economics (ENS de Lyon, Univ. StEtienne)

  • Health Economics, Winter 2019
  • Public Economics, Spring 2020 (with Jonathan Goupille)